Ang Bao for Wedding Helpers

In every Singaporean wedding, the Ang Pow Issue has proven to be a sensitive matter. To reward or not to reward assistants during the wedding and the family members with it, is an issue which needs extra consideration especially that it seems to balance how far your budget can go and give what should be rightfully given.

The following list is a standard rate for most Singapore weddings, and it should save you from real headache about the ang pow issue. With this list, it is hoped that the wedding will pull off to be the joyous occasion that it should be, instead of it causing a family and social feud during the years ahead.

Just like other guidelines, the figures for ang pow in here are only estimated from an interview of more than 20 couples. During the interview, some couples suggested more than what is in this list, but there were also a number who suggested lesser amounts. These rates came out as the average of all the estimates, but if your wedding participants belong to your circle of friends, then maybe you can decide to give a higher ang pow.

Other couples have been thinking also if make-up artists, photographers, and video servicemen should be given ang pows. Usually, these wedding participants do not expect ang pows, but doing so as an act of goodwill in a Singapore wedding is a mark of gratefulness. If your finances will still warrant it, the rate of $8 – $20 will suffice.

Main Wedding Coordinator : $68 – 108
Maid of honor + Best Man : $68 – 108
Bridesmaid and groomsmen : $48 – $68
Flower girl and page boy : $28 – $48
Usher : $18 – $28
Driver : $28 – $68
Officiant or Celebrants :$68 – $588
Hair and Makeup Artist – $68 to $208
Photographer / Videographer : $108 – $208
Banquet Manager :$68 – $128
Tea Ceremony : $12-68 (Depend on how many kids there are)
Helpers which has least Roles : $12-28

Above is just a guide, you may not follow closely. It can be either more or less.