Bridal Gown Fitting Essentials

Wearing your dream wedding gown isn’t as simple as one would think. It’s not just about finding the right design or the right material there are several factors to take into consideration when fitting for your wedding gown. Listed below are just of the bridal gown fitting essentials to take into consideration.

Set multiple wedding gown appointments

Fitting for a wedding gown entails several visits to the tailor. After the design of the dress and the picking of the materials have been done, you have to try to fit into your gown. Try to schedule several bridal gown fitting appointments with your tailor.

The right thing would be to schedule a gown fitting a few months before your scheduled wedding with the final fitting scheduled just a month or several weeks before the actual wedding. The reason for this is because a bride may lose or gain weight. To accommodate for the weight change, several fitting appointments must be set.

Inspect the material of the gown

If you must make major alterations in the gown, make sure you do it a few months before the actual wedding. The first thing to do during the fitting of the dress would be to check the material which includes the feel or texture of the cloth and the color of the cloth. If you are dissatisfied with the material, you have to tell the seamstress right away. Make sure that you also have the right color. Some materials assume the color of the lights. Make sure to view the gown in natural light.

It’s better to go big than to go small

Be realistic about your figure. There’s a greater chance that you will gain weight rather than lose weight while making preparations for the wedding. Make sure that you are prepared for this by having a bigger sized dress since it is easier to make the necessary adjustments should you gain or lose weight.

Move around with your wedding gown during the fitting

During the fitting, you must try to move with your wedding gown. This will ensure that you have the proper fit. The right fit will mean that you will be comfortable while walking up and down stairs or while standing up and sitting down. Notice any discomfort while you are moving so you can make the necessary adjustments before the actual wedding. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to wear an ill-fitting gown for several hours.

Check your reflection from different angles

Try to look at your own reflection in the mirror while wearing the dress. Make sure that you look good in your gown. Look for any irregularities in the dress. Try to twirl around and look at your reflection not just in the front but at the back as well. If you are dissatisfied with something, tell your tailor immediately so alterations can be made right away. Everything must be perfect for your wedding which includes your wedding gown.

Find the right shoes, the right lingerie and the right accessories that fit your wedding gown

An important aspect of the bridal gown fitting is to determine if everything matches up. Make sure to wear the proper shoes that go well with your wedding gown. Wear the lingerie you plan on wearing to your wedding during the fitting. This will allow you to gauge if your wedding gown is comfortable even while wearing your lingerie. Find the right jewelry that fits your wedding gown. Just make sure that the jewelry doesn’t overshadow your gown.

Be extra careful when handling the dress

Make sure that you don’t damage the dress during the fitting. So be extra careful when handling the gown especially during your final fitting. Try to avoid staining the dress by not using makeup during the fitting. Try to make sure that you are not wearing any sharp jewelry that could rip or cause tears in your dress.

Enjoy the fitting process

The gown fitting should be enjoyable for the bride to be. Make sure that you are able to see yourself wearing the same wedding gown during your wedding. The gown has to be perfect for your dream wedding.