Choosing Wedding Banquet Venues in Singapore

Finding a perfect wedding venue in Singapore is never an easy task in Singapore. There are so many factors to consider like whether the venue can accommodate the number of guests you have, whether the location is convenient, the food they serve etc. To make matter worse, some wedding venue even have restriction on what is allowed and not allowed, for example like the minimum number of guests for weekday or weekend. Following is a guide to that provide you the best tips on how to pick the perfect wedding venue for you and  your wedding guests.

High Ceiling ballroom
A Wedding venue with high ceiling help to make the place less clutter and more spacious. Wedding venue with low ceiling appears to be more crowded and warmer. To make the site more magnificent and comfortable for your wedding guest, it is advised to use high ceilings to improve the altitude of the banquet space.

Shape of the ballroom
Square or rectangular is the best shapes for any wedding ballroom. The stage should be situated at the front, right in the middle to make sure that everybody has the chance to glimpse the couple. A regular shaped wedding ballroom also can provide a better march in path for the couples.

Pillars or Pillar-less
Choose a venue with fewer pillars or one with nominal columns. This is not to block the sight of the guests.

Venue Capacity
One vital thing to take note is to check the capacity of the site. It must fit the required tables, especially the number of guests.

When checking the place, have the chance to picture out what kind of beautification you are going to place. Check the table centerpiece, chair ribbons, and the flowers used. If they don’t fit with your motif, work out for enhancement.

Wedding Reception Area
Most Singaporean weddings today are getting the idea of cocktail party. Therefore, you must examine the area if it is devoted for light refreshment or if it is spacious enough to accommodate your expected guests.

Lobby of the Wedding Venue
One place where guests could see first is the lobby. It is important that lobby is well-adorned to make it delightful and soothing for the guests.  Otherwise, your guests will be blown away.

In order to allow your guests park their vehicles comfortably, decide a location to address the parking problem in Singapore to avoid nuisance during the party.

Find a wedding venue that is conveniently located as Some drive, some don’t. If your wedding venue is hard to located, insert a map so that your wedding guests can easily locate it.