How a $3K bridal package became $10K, What to watch out for looking before signing up

One of my friend thought she had a great deal when she signed up for $3k plus bridal package. This 3K package slowly turned to $10K after her coordinator sold her stuff that was not included in their “standard” packages which she assumed it should be. It was too late as she had already signed up with the bridal shop. She then had to top up from an Off the RacK wedding gown(OTR) to a Made to Measure (MTM) as she could not find the gown that she wanted. Following are things that you should consider before signing and choosing your bridal packages. Most bridal packages contract do not cover every single detail. Some unethical sales person like the one that my friend encountered tried to sell her more stuff after you already signed up with them. To make things worse, their attitude also changes from everything is ok to everything please pay. Following is a checklist before you sign up for bridal packages

Pre-wedding photoshoot and Wedding Album

  • Top up photos, each raw photo without edit can cost up to $150 per piece
  • No pre-wedding night shoot or overtime pay for the photographer. That is going cost you $$$
  • Is your wedding album the normal type or magazine type?
  • No fresh flowers for pre-wedding shoot.
  • No transport for wedding shoot, included or not?
  • Any helpers for the photoshoot?

Bridal Gowns and Groom Jackets

  • You cannot find a Bridal Gowns that you like so you have no choice but to upgrade to one of those “designer gowns” from the bridal shop. Top up for designer gowns can cost up to $1K to $2K depending on bridal shops
  • You cannot find a Bridal Gown that you like and you were recommended to Made to Measure or MTM. Ok that will cost you another $2K to $3K more.
  • No Car for your pre-wedding photoshoot, don’t have your own transport? Bridal shop can provide for your at $200 to $300 for the whole day.
  • How many wedding gowns are you allowed on the pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day? Is Kua or tea dress included. Can all the wedding gowns be used for outdoor wedding shoot. Some bridal shops have designer gowns that they only allowed for indoor shoot. Incidently that was the gown my friend chose before signing up so she cannot use the gown for her actual day or outdoor shoot.
  • Some couples may have different day for actual day and custom, please check if there are any additional cost.
  • How about accessories like Jewelry, necklace, tiara etc. Do I need rent or it is provided free. If they are providing you free, please make sure you account for each item.

Wedding Makeup

  • No Ampoules and eye lashes. Makeup artist are sometimes outsourced so they do not include ampoules and eye lashes for pre-wedding shoot and actual day. You need to pay directly to the MUA.
  • Need your Makeup artist to come early, pay extra again! If you need your makeup artist to come before 6 am or 7am for some, prepare to pay extra.
  • Any trial makeup?
  • Most importantly, do you get the same makeup artist for your trial, pre-wedding shoot and actual day?

Actual Wedding day

  • Do you get Fake or real bridal bouquet on actual day?
  • If you take up actual wedding photography, check how many shots they will provide and will you get back the softcopies
  • How about things like bridesmaid wrist corsage, fresh flowers bouquet, Suit flower for men?

Wedding Car

  • Do you get a bridal car, how many trips? Some bridal shop charge extra for extra trip
  • What model of bridal car?
  • Extra charge if the driver has to come early?