What are the benefits of being a Contributor here at Kiasubride

  1. You shall be entitled 3 blog posting with credit given to you
  2. All blog postings shall include your contact information and profile
  3. Your Photo shall be featured:  http://www.kiasubride.com/category/photography-gallery/
  4. Overseas Photography are preferred over local


How much does it cost to be a contributor?

It is a free

What can you contribute?

You can contribute any of the following

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Montage

What you need to send to us as a contributor as a Photographer?

The Photoblog posting contributed by the must be capturing an event of a couple:

(A) Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OR
(B) Actual Day Wedding Shoot

It can be in Singapore or outside Singapore. Please state location.

What you need to send to us as a contributor as a Makeup-Artist?

The Photoblog posting contributed by Make-up Artist must be capture photo of the makeup session of a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot or Actual Day Wedding Shoot

Following information must be emailed to: [email protected]

1) Description of the wedding photography or makeup event (not less than 30 words) to be featured in the blog posting. Please do not only send us an advertising write-up of your company, please describe the event or why couple choose your services etc. Please include the name of the couples and the date of the event. Content provided to us must be original and not be posted anywhere else before. To summarize, you need to send the following:

  • Short Description of the Event (not less than 30 words), like how they met? why they chose this location? Any love story behind it?
  • Name of the Couple
  • Date of the Event
  • Location of the Shoot

You are are entitled to send us 3 events.

2) Send us 6 to 10 photo or video (already uploaded to Youtube) of the event or montage. For photo, we prefer photo in landscape of not more than 1000 pixel

For your Author profile, please email us the following:

3) Company or Photographer name

4) Photographer (or Makeup Artist)’s Contact Number / Website / Email / Facebook

5) Photographer (or Makeup Artist)’s photo or icon to used as Avatar

6) Short description of the Photographer (or Makeup Artist) or company, this is where you advertise yourself and services

If you are ensure, view the posting by contributor here

If you have any questions, do not hesitant to contact us at [email protected]

Notice: Please ensure that you have obtained the consent of the couples before submitting. Kiasubride reserve the final rights on whether the content send to us shall be published on our sites.