How to choose a wedding photographer

In Singapore, there are quite number of wedding photographers who offer packages and convincing prices. Thus, it may be hard for you to decide who will be the best photographer for your Special day. To assist you in choosing the best photographer to capture your very special moment, here are the things that you must avoid.

Don’t Choose Experience over Quality

It may be compelling to choose a photographer that has years of experience. However, there are photographers who are just starting that can take stunning pictures as well. Some of them have better quality of pictures taken than those of well-experienced photographers. Always choose quality over experience. You can look through their portfolio and see how skilled they are in their craft.

Don’t Choose the Price over Portfolio

A photographer who offers cheap packages can be convincing, but never choose it over the quality of pictures. The best thing to do to see if the photographer is skilled and has taken good quality of pictures is thru their portfolio. Not all expensive photographers can produce good quality of pictures and not all cheap photographers have low quality of pictures. To make sure that you will not be regretting the pictures taken on your wedding day, get a photographer who has good set of pictures on their portfolio.

Don’t Forget to Negotiate

If you find a photographer that could meet your standards but the price is a little bit above your budget. Then try asking the photographer to lower the prices of the package. Most of the times, photographers are open to negotiations to just close the deal.

Don’t Forget to Do Enough Research

Find time to do some research so you can have a number of options. Look through a list of photographers that offer affordable packages that will suit your needs. Most of the time, couples choose a photographer that will eventually end up to be the most expensive. It is important to broaden your options so there will be no regrets in the future. 

 Do not forget to have a contract

When you have finally chosen the photographer for your wedding day, always make sure that you have the proper contract. The contract will include the important details of the package and will give specific details on the things that will be covered, the output and additional charges that may incur.

Don’t Disregard the Finish Product

Naturally, when a couple are busy complimenting the portfolio of the photographer they forget about the finish product. This is the photo album included in the package. You need to take into consideration the quality of printing of the pictures, the quality of papers used and the design of the album.