How to choose outdoor Wedding Venues in Singapore

Outdoor weddings have become a trend nowadays. While there are still some who would prefer indoor, ballroom type ceremonies, the picturesque landscape and romantic feel attract most couples to the idea of having things outside.

Singaporeans are now coming up to terms with this trend. Today, more and more brides and grooms have celebrated their momentous life event amidst lush greeneries in gardens or have it cool and refreshing in poolside within a resort. It does not matter if the country is geographically challenged and sprawled in an urban landscape, these couples have found their way to enjoy these celebrations, despite these inevitable restrictions. So are you ready to follow their lead? Here are some things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding in Singapore.

The first thing to check is whether you have the budget for an outdoor wedding. Unlike indoor fetes which can be held in the ballroom or restaurant where things can be provided upon rental, outdoor celebrations need to be filled with facilities and essentials sourced aside from the venue. But do not fret as there are many available options for logistics, photography, catering, sound system and venue décor around the city. Just remember to choose wisely and have several options before you make a decision.

Bear in mind your guests when you decide which venue fits the celebration. Aside from the number, make sure you can provide your guest everything that they may need throughout the celebration. Consider specific details, such as handicap friendly facilities, ample shade, and ventilation when choosing your venue. Some guests may not be okay staying under the sun or may find the area humid, so have coolers and fans ready, to make you and your guest comfortable throughout the fete. It will also be a nice touch, especially if the wedding is during the summer, to provide personalized fans, umbrellas, or special sun protection essentials handy.

Wine and dine are also important in planning an outdoor celebration. Make sure that all the food and drinks served are kept in a cool, dry place, so make sure your caterer has enough experience in serving an outdoor banquet. Provide enough drinks, especially if you are planning to do it on a hot, summer day to keep your guest hydrated. Quench their thirst with various cocktails, juices, sodas, and wines enough for all the attendees.

Consider hiring transportation services if you decide to hold your celebration in a place where it may be difficult to get transportation. If not, provide your guests with maps and signages, as well as direct contact to cabs in case they may need one.

And if the rain comes in your wedding parade, do not worry. Make sure you have a plan when this happens. Be ready with a back up indoor space nearby, just so you can continue the party. If there’s not, be sure there are enough shelters for all your guests to keep them dry and safe. Provide sturdy tent, and just like the personalized summer essentials, have a custom made boots or umbrellas with your signature touch, just in case.

Now that you have all the musts for an outdoor wedding, here are some venues you might want to check out for your celebration.

Decide where you want to your celebration to take place. Are you a fan of the sun, sand, and sea? Then a beach wedding is the right choice for you. The 1-TwentySix is an ideal place to hold this one-of-a-kind celebration. Located at the East Coast beach, the venue is surrounded by greeneries, with a tropical pathway leading to the garden or beach. Aside from the killer venue, they also have indoor wedding planners ready to make your dreams a reality. The venue is a perfect location for a romantic sunset (or sunrise!) weddings.

A popular choice among couples are garden weddings. With verdant greeneries and blooming florals as your backdrop, who can go wrong with garden setting. Burkill Hall at Singapore Botanic Gardens provides a stunning panoramic view as it is situated on the highest point of the National Orchid Garden. The romantic 2-storey colonial house also provides a romantic feel to your celebration. HortPark is another perfect choice for a garden wedding. Set your fete in their Balinese Garden for a more intimate feel or gather your friends and family in their larger venues, HortLawn and Event Lawn. On the other hand, the colonial black-and-white bungalows of the One Rochester at the Rochester Park is also a viable option. With a water fountain frame adding a chic detail to your venue, the whole place can accommodate up to 250 guests. Meanwhile, Villa Halia in the Singapore Botanic Garden lends a romantic charm to any occasion. Aside from the Courtyard, guests can also find themselves in Drawing and Gallery Rooms, giving more options for attendees to mix and mingle.

If you cannot take away the city from the couple, why not have it in the National Museum of Singapore? Their exquisite Glass Atrium is spacious enough for your guests, plus the fantastic exterior exterior façade of the iconic dome will leave everybody in awe.

Give the celebration a relaxed feel and have a poolside wedding. A refreshing alternative to a beach wedding, poolside lends the tropical vibe, even without the sand and surf. Check out the Crown Plaza Changi Airport poolside deck. Head over to Amara Sanctuary Resort in Sentosa, and experience the tranquil ambiance of the tropics. Hold your celebration at their famed Glass Pavilion furnished with charming furniture and filled with antique wedding bell from Sentosa Island.