How to choose wedding venues in Singapore

Majority of weddings in Singapore are held at hotels. They have classy lighting that makes the reception more elegant. And after a very of tiring wedding day, the hotel provides a luxurious honeymoon suite for the couple. Does it mean that a hotel is the best venue for weddings in Singapore? Let us study the factors to consider in choosing the right venue for a wedding.

The Financial Aspect

In selecting the venue for the weeding, one big factor to consider is the price. A hotel can give extra glamour to your wedding, suite that is luxurious and an elegant reception venue. Yet, at the end of the day, you are left with a bit high price to pay. If you prefer to hold the wedding in a hotel then expect spending forty percent higher compared to holding it at a Singapore restaurant.

Singapore Hotels like Amara, Orchard Hotel, and M Hotel quote at around $1000 per table while restaurants like Peony Jade only charge at around $550 per table.

The Food Aspect

Another important aspect in choosing the right venue for your weeding is the food. Wedding guests will delight at delicious foods. It is a big turn off for guests eating awful food, although there are hotels that can offer excellent dishes. Restaurants, on the other hand, will provide a promising choice of delicious dishes. Often times, you cannot taste how good the food is until the actual day of the wedding. The only way to measure how excellent the food is to have a prior eating experience in the venue.

The Elegant Suite

One big reason why people choose hotels to be the venue of their wedding is the luxurious suite that is included in the wedding package. It is very comforting to relax to an elegant hotel suite after a long and tiring day. It also serves as a place to change for the bride and the helpers. It is definitely better than changing in a tiny room or in a toilet. It is also rewarding to stay at a hotel suite once in a while.

The Parking Space

Another aspect to consider when planning for the wedding is the parking space the venue has. The venue should have enough space for guests to park their cars. You don’t want to spoil the happy event because of this. This should be considered if you want to avoid guests that are furious because they were circling around for hours just to have parking space. Hotels usually have enough parking spaces to provide while restaurants have only limited space for parking.

Coming up with the Choice

If you are on a budget and you want to work through that wedding budget, then a restaurant will be the right venue for your wedding. You can save more money if you hold your wedding in a Singapore restaurant than a hotel. But if you have enough money to spend on your wedding then you can choose a hotel that will give luxury, elegance and convenience on your most special day.