Make to Measure or Off the Rack Wedding Dresses?

Walking proudly on the isle in an adorable white wedding dress that fits in every curve is every woman’s fantasy in her dream of Singapore wedding. If that’s what you’re dreaming too, you might be going the same by having a tailoring of your dress, or deciding for renting a gown. If you really wonder about your decision or probably asking “Will I choose tailor-made wedding gowns?” Wedding Tweets have golden advices for you:

Fits perfectly

Not all wedding gowns are equally made and so with the shape of the girls. There are gowns that will absolutely suit one woman more comfortably while others look like a hanger if they wear it. In order to remove this problem, tailoring may be the best answer. It will help to attain the assurance that specific curves of your body will be catered . In fact, designers in Singapore Bridal Boutiques will most likely provide gown changes to make it more suitable. Nevertheless, every misfits cannot be addressed by it. In most cases, the problem is the length of the chest to hip that people are diverse. It will also result in unattractive gathers under the bust area. If this problem found in your dress, don’t stop finding until you can have the fitting one.

Oh my gosh! The price

It’s not easy to take your measurement, finding the source of your materials, and making your gown fine-tuned in tailoring. Of course, it will elevate your bill after the day. It is a nice idea to have your gown personalized because in Singapore home-based tailors, it only goes between $80. Otherwise, renting gowns seem less expensive strategy because Singapore wedding package is often included.

Ahem! Are you in the same gown again?

Wedding events in Singapore, or Chinese wedding events are frequently whole-day program with different parts such as tea ceremony every morning, solemnization, and wedding banquet during the evening. Although Singapore has many rich people, not all can pay different personalized wedding gowns for each look or part of the event. So, if you have only one gown, don’t worry if you will end up with wearing that same dress again and again. For more practical way, it is advisable that you are going to rent gowns because you can cut the costs. In fact, Wedding studious usually offer many gowns suitable for different parts of your memorable day.