Manpower Planning for your Wedding day

It would be impossible to make the wedding event a success without adequate manpower. You must prepare for the big day several weeks or months in advance, depending on the number of guests you want to invite.

In an average wedding, you will need the following manpower for wedding:

  • Overall coordinator – This oversees all the aspects of the wedding.
  • In charge of the guest list – This person will check the arrival of guests. When around 90% of the guests have arrived, the banquet may start.
  • In charge of the ang pows given to the bride and groom – This is necessary to safeguard the ang pows.
  • 4 Ushers – Ushers will direct the guests to their respective tables.
  • Helper of the bride – One person to assist the bride in everything she needs, from changing clothes to running unexpected errands.
  • 2 Emcees – Emcees will take care of the program. If you are on a tight budget, one emcee will do.
  • Photo assistant – You need to designate someone to take the pictures. You can also hire professionals, but this will mean additional cost though.
  • Runner – Someone who will run the errands for all rest of the wedding manpower you may have.

You can add more manpower to your list especially if you have a lot of guests.