Marriage preparation course

Couples attending Marriage preparation course is a popular trend adopted by many couples in Singapore before tying the knot these days. Like education preparing for a profession, marriage also prepares courses for the couples how to deal problems that will come along the way. Unavoidably, during the marriage, the couple may undergo challenges which may include financial, taking responsibilities as well as some differences. To address these issues and it will not turn into more complicated, deal with them ahead of time is the best.

Following are key Issues that are covered normally covered in most Marriage Preparation Courses in Singapore:

  • Financial Planning
  • Conflict Management
  •  Parenting
  •  Communication Skills
  •   Roles and Responsibilities

Where to find Marriage Preparation Course in Singapore?
A lot of religious sectors and community centers in Singapore provide these wedding orientations which are usually done 2 hours once a week and completed between 5-8 weeks with the price reaching from $70-$300 per couple. MCYS even gives some incentives for complete attendance for some the classes make it a certainly affordable choice. Here’s a list of Marriage Prep courses and schedules in Singapore.

Why is Marriage Preparation Course Important?
To make a marriage successful is a perfect fulfillment, indeed. Prevention is better than cure, thus, making known of possible drawbacks and solving them ahead of time will help to maintain a lasting relationship. Hence, entering marriage with commitment and boldness will make it possible and real.