Negative Reviews and Feedback on Bridal Shop in Singapore

Don’t be fooled by bridal shop that appeals with cheap wedding packages. In reality, however, even though these cheap bridal appear to be cheap afterall isn’t that cheap because there are many extra charges that you will miss and be blindsided to sign. End of the day, you end up paying more on some of these extra hidden cost. Following are some of the common complaints and negative feedback on these unethical bridal shops.

Poor Selection of Wedding Gowns – After signing up the bridal packages, you suddenly realise you are not able to find your dream gowns. That is why it is always highly recommended that you view the gowns before signing.

Upgrade to Designer and Current Season Gowns – Those gowns you tried before signing up are not included in your package as they are designer gowns. All the OTR gowns that you can choose from in your “normal” package are all old and off-season, you are now been requested to pay extra to upgrade to these Designer gowns with the extra beads and lace.

Upgrade to MTM – Alternatively you may be asked to “pay more” for MTM. To make matter worse, some of this bridal shop design a gown that is similar to a gown that they already have so they can reduce cost by just alternating it. Make sure if you already get a brand new gown if you are going for MTM.

Upgrade in Wedding Album – There are various types of wedding albums. It is important to check if the samples you viewed before signing up are the actual ones you are getting.

Sorry not included – It is important to check what is included and not included. Some bridal shops will require you to pay extra for the following. Some outsource their wedding makeup artist, so they request you to pay the MUA directly.

  • Transport during Photography?
  • Inner shirt for Men suit
  • Ampoules and eye lashes
  • Pre-wedding Night Shoot
  • Wedding car on actual day
  • Actual day hand bouquet
  • Flower during Pre-wedding photo shoot
  • Dry cleaning of the wedding gowns
  • Reselection of wedding gowns after confirmations
  • Flower Pin on Dad’s shirt and wedding wrist corsage for bride maids not included

As a rule of thumb, always read your contracts very carefully; the more detail you get out of it, the better. And never be afraid to ask questions because that’s the only way you can proceed in making appropriate decisions for your most important day.


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