Outdoor Wedding Venues in Singapore

It is trending now in Singapore- the outdoor wedding. It is a refreshing trend and is taking the place of the customary wedding ceremony and dinners in plush hotels or restaurants. This is a good option for couples who love the outdoors, and you are eager to try it too. Exchanging wedding vows in the seashore or in the midst of a vast array of green scenery and fresh scents – the idea may come from watching Hollywood personalities or you simply thought of it. If this is what you want, let’s start making deals.

Planning and budgeting your outdoor wedding does not differ much from the ones that are usually held indoors. Whether it will be in Fort Canning, Garden Asia or the Singapore Flyer, the steps are very much similar: contact the venue, schedule for a planning schedule, give the deposit, and everyone will already be very comfortable without any hassle on your part.

What about the Weather?

Singaporean weather is rather unpredictable, especially lately. This could be detrimental to your outdoor wedding plans, so preparing some kind of shelter is a good idea. It should preferably be in some form of marquee which has a ventilation inside, or a possible venue indoor should the weather does not let up. Even if a weather forecaster predicts a radiant day, preparing some tents or shades at hand is still playing it safe- think of old grammy who spends hours under the sun to join you in that grand occasion.

 The Venue and the Setting

Well, it’s settled…the outdoor wedding plans are in full swing. The next consideration is where should it be held? Singapore abounds with many exceptional sites and you could get spoiled for the choice. Pick your choice from the following list:

Beach Wedding

  • Rasa Sentosa
  • 1 Twenty Six
  • Beach Culture Watercross

My two-cents: Beach Culture: cozy chic; 150 people capacity; top-grade food; relatively lower price compared with Rasa Sentosa.


  • Botanic Gardens – Burkhill
  • Bottle Tree Park
  •  Garden Asia
  • Labrador Park
  • Hort Park

My two-cents: Except Botanic Gardens, it is likely that the other parks are somewhat inaccessible. The parks are indeed picturesque but their location may daunt guests who do not have cars. However, if you opt for any of these parks, you may consider a chartered bus to cater visitors to and from the closest MRT.


  • Singapore Art Museum
  •  Singapore Flyer
  •  1 Rochester
  •  Raffles Hotel – The Lawn
  •  Armenian Church

My two-cents: 1 Rochester: set in a vintage colonial building: one of the elegant, pricier options. The bills may reach about $200/pax and will depend on how many guests are expected. This amount is already inclusive for drinks, food, cakes and valet parking; the setting sets to suit your taste, with available wet weather program should the need arise.

-The Singapore Arts Museum

The venue features an auditorium maintained to feature the original facade and function as a church, making it ideal for solemnization. The exchange of vows may take place at the upper Auditorium and have the reception downstairs at the courtyard.

-Yacht Weddings

Yacht weddings have potential increasing popularity among couples opting for smaller celebration. The Yacht Companies can be your directory if you settle for this celebration.