Planning an overseas wedding ceremony

If a wedding plan within Singapore is complicated, then certainly a long distance one can offer more challenge. Many Singapore wedding couples are considering a romantic getaway by planning to be united overseas. The excitement that Wedding Tweets that follow you throughout the process will be the best reward you can receive after your dream overseas wedding comes off with resounding success.

The Budget
Expect an exponential increase in the budget if you are planning a destination wedding because you need to cater the accommodation and the transport of all your guests. A highly experienced overseas wedding planner must be hired, so that means a higher rate. Other expenses will revolve around hotels and airfares for your Singaporean service entourage- the photographer, your makeup artists, and videographers. It is of utmost importance then that an overall consideration of the budget will give you a clear image in choosing the venue and the number of guests to be invited.

The Destination
So, where should the wedding take place? You can always refer for photos online about your destination. However, do not rely on tourism websites alone because in some cases, photos in there could be deceiving. It would be a good idea to consult friends, especially if they have already experienced hosting or been to a wedding in your prospective venue.
If you or your friends cannot give any idea, then you can consider Bali or Phuket. These destinations are closer to Singapore and they also offer an idyllic and romantic seaside setting that is suitable for any Singapore wedding couple.

Date Setting
In making plans for the overseas wedding, set an advanced date between four to six months. This will enable your family and friends to prepare air fare and accommodation reservations and apply for a leave of absence from work. Advanced information on the date also allows them opportunities to avail of airfare and accommodation promos- a big slash off their expenses (and yours, if you are the one in charge of their airfare and accommodation expenses).

The Wedding Blog
This is a great idea of keeping your family and friends posted on the progress of the wedding plans. It updates them on what is new even if you are not readily available. Some Blogs also provide RSVP functions which might be useful as a listing of your guests and their seats.

Engage Your Vendors
If your service entourage is all from Singapore, then you need to cater to their airfare and hotel accommodation. If you are on a tight budget, ask help from a local in your destination to help you cut on the costs. Be sure to book these vendors (especially if you love their services) ahead of time to prevent conflicts of their schedules.

Wedding Music
Since this is an overseas location, it is possible that your choice of music may not be available in the locality. If this should be the case, you should prepare your own song list and burn this into a disc and bring it on your overseas wedding day.

Wedding Gowns
It is very possible that your destination may not have gown and suit available for rent. Be sure to have your own set tailored or rented from Singapore and pack these as well as you can to prevent creases and stains, and DON’T FORGET TO BRING THEM AS YOU BOARD YOUR PLANE!

Group Activities
Since this is an overseas affair, the guests might like to spend several days before the wedding at your destination. You must prepare group activities such as tours or games to help them enjoy their stay. In your blog, set up a poll to give your guests opportunity to indicate the activities they might prefer.

A Fall Back Plan- A Must
It is always expect the unexpected, much more so because this will be an outdoor overseas wedding. Rains could easily spoil any well-planned activity. Just for this possibility, you should cater ahead of time for an indoor option to keep the wedding from being disrupted.