Poolside wedding in Singapore – Pros & Cons

Poolside is a popular venue for couples in Singapore to either host their solemnisation ceremony or wedding banquet.

What most couples like about Poolside Wedding?
Holding your big day by the pool is something unique if you want to be different. As most of the poolside venue are held within a hotel or country club, you can also combine both the indoor and outdoor area within the same location for your wedding ceremony. For example, you can conduct the solemnisation by the pool and do the banquet indoor.

What most couples dislike about Poolside Wedding?
May not be the best wedding venue as it is outdoor you will be subjected to unpredictable weather condition like the heat or the rain. Another con is some of these poolside venues may be filled with hotel guest or country club members during your ceremony thus making the entire event not so private. Remember to ask if the pool or at least part of the pool is close during your ceremony.

Following is our recommendation of some popular poolside venues in Singapore:

Capella – Great surrounding with Nice Greenery around the pool. The only downside is it is inconvenient for guest who does not drive as it is located in Sentosa. Watch the video below from 1:48 onwards to view the venue

[vimeo id=”25818002″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Poolside in Central Singapore

  • Goodwood Park (Both Banquet and Solemnisation can be conducted outdoor) – It is great location that provide a colonial setting but it is may not be that private.
  • Swissotel Merchant Court (Solemnisation only) – They have a sheltered area by the pool that is dedicated for solemnisation so you do not need to worry even if it rain.
  • Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Poolside in the East

  • Hotel Grand Mercure Roxy (Both Banquet and Solemnisation can be conducted outdoor)
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport Terminal 3)
  • Changi village hotel – Top floor with a great view of the sea

Poolside within Country Club

  • Raffles Town Club
  • Orchid country Club
  • Seletar Country Club
  • Aranda Country Club
  • Singapore Island Country Club