Popular wedding flowers in singapore

When there is a wedding, flowers are very important. However, still there are things to remember when you’re choosing the flowers for your wedding. For example, there are wedding flowers that are seasonal, so this will add to the cost especially during the period of off-season. Another thing to be considered is the sustainability of the flower during your wedding.

To guide you in having the proper selection of flowers for your wedding, the list of known flowers with its characteristics are prepared for you.

1. Roses

Since roses are widely known as a symbol of love and beauty, it is also preferred to be used in the wedding since it is durable. But, its appropriateness and sense of meaning can be more appreciated if your wedding falls on the Valentine’s Day.

2. Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are an African flower which has elegant trumpet-shaped blossoms. These flowers are available all the time but its price differs considering the period. This kind of flower is very appropriate in a Singapore wedding since they have the tolerance for the heat and can sustain its moisture.

3. Tulips

This kind of flower is popular due to its flexibility and availability of different colors. Talking about its pricing and quality, the tulips are the best choice especially during February to April because it is its season.

The tulip can last even if it is out of the water but it’s quite vulnerable. The nice thing about tulips is that it can be used in all arrangements and will work beautifully. Talking about its color, pastel like cream, red, purple, yellow and many more are available.

4. Ranunculus

This flower is popular for its alternative to roses. It is also used in bridal bouquets and used for boutonnieres as well. This flower has a meaning of charm during the time of Victorian; thus, it is used to express the meaning that someone is attractive and charming. Talking about the color, pink, peach, orange, yellow and white are available.

5. Hydrangeas

This flower is also popular due to its moderate price and volume. The best season of this flower is during summer, but it’s available in the whole year.

Hydrangeas are often used because of it give an illusion of bunched flowers. These flowers also complement with other groups of flowers. Since these flowers are thirsty, source of water is needed. Talking about the color, green, burgundy, pink, and blue are available.