Pre-wedding bridal beauty and grooming tips

Taking good care of yourself to ensure you look perfect during your wedding is critical. Following are some pre-wedding grooming tips that you must to consider

At a wedding, you are most likely expected to smile and pose a lot of times. Don’t you prefer a healthy set of white teeth showing off rather than a crop of yellowed fangs stained with brown spots?

Have an appointment scheduled with your trusted dentist to perfectly polish your pearly set of teeth one month before your actual wedding day. If you have the budget, consider teeth bleaching to give the best effect.

Hair Care
Consider leaving your hair long 6 to 12 months before your wedding so that hair stylist can give you more style.

Do browse through different bridal magazines then choose a style you wish and get a makeup artist to give you an advice whether it suits you or not during the pre makeup trial. Doing so lets you know the correct length of hair you should be wearing and to avoid any kind of rude shocks when your make-up artist says that the long-before chosen style can’t be accomplished on the wedding.

One point to bear in mind is to imperatively take excellent care of that crowning glory to easily manage it. That literally means you have to wash and condition them ever day and apply a hair mask at least once every seven days.

Another, a day or two before the wedding, go to your awesome hair stylists, have your locks tidied up and trimmed. Also get a major hair treatment. It preps your hair up for the big day.

Finger close shots will most likely occur especially when it’s time to exchange rings with the groom. It’s a very good idea having a manicure done a few days before the big day. Get your fingers painted with a matching color for your theme and gown.

You might also consider having a pedicure aside from a manicure because you’ll most probably wear slippers or toe-peeping shoes.

It’s an excellent idea to bring your own cosmetics used during the make-up session especially if your skin is sensitive. It helps you avoid catching any disastrous and last-minute allergic reactions. Also keep in mind to check out the expiration date of your makeup to avoid adverse reactions.

Though a lot of make-up artist are hygienic, you should also own a set of brushes and sponge in case the artist uses her tools again.

Lastly, never forget to have a make-up remover when heading to the hotel as the make-up being applied are generally thicker to wash away by water only.

Perfumes also spoil if they are left for too long. It replaces the once sweet scent into something less pleasant. Smell good by ensuring that the perfume you’ll be using isn’t past due.

Pre Wedding Facial or Beauty Treatment Packages
You may consider going for package facial treatment. There are many beauty shops in Singapore that provide such pre-bridal packages.