Tea ceremony during Chinese Wedding

The most crucial part of any Singaporean Chinese Wedding in Singapore is when the couple in a kneeling position offer tea to the elders. This ceremony is what they refer as Wedding Tea Ceremony. This ceremony normally take price when couples visit both the bride and groom families. It is usually taken place at groom’s residence followed at the place of the bride. Still, prior to the groom’s arrival, as a form of thanksgiving, some families ask their daughter to serve tea to her parents in the morning. When returns to the bride’s place, she introduces her husband to her family as a married one.

Traditionally, serving the tea to the elders, the couple stands together, and the woman stays on the right side of the groom.  The bride faces the father and the groom’s mother.

This is how the tea being served in rank with most senior being served first to other relatives

In return, younger relatives shall also serve the newly wed and the couple is asked to present them gifts, usually red packets.

The Kua or Cheongsam, the traditional costumes, are worn by the bride on the day of the rite. There are some that not that traditional may choose to wear a tea dress instead.

The tea set utilized in the rite is different from which the parents include in the dowry. After the ceremony, they will keep it and be used again during the marriage of the couple’s daughter. Two dates colored in red and lotus seeds, the two main ingredients are found in tea, these ingredients symbolize Happy union and blessings for children