The Wedding Serenata – Wedding Singer in Singapore

This week we feature Benny Wong KG, the founder of The Wedding Serenata.What started out as a regular wedding gig on most weekends turned into a full time business for him. Benny is a versatile musician who plays the,bass and sing.Have worked and performed as a solo pianist/singer in Phuket Le Meridian hotel. Till date,he had performed at more than 300 wedding and 50 corporate events.

Besides performing regularly for weddingd, he is also active in musical album productions.Worked from 1992-2011 as a album producer and was the composer and music arranger for Mediacorp studio.Scoring and composing more than 1000 pieces of mood music for it’s chinese and english dramas.Composed and produced close to 60 original theme and sub theme songs for mediacorp’s drama.

His band, The Wedding Serenata consists of many great local talents and some have been performing for more than 10 years locally as well as abroard. They work with only the best and always deliver a high energy performance.

When and how you (and your band) start performing for Wedding?

The Wedding Serenata started performing in hotels and pubs initially before venturing into wedding events.They have performed at many well known venues as resident band like St Regis,The British club,Singapore Recreational Club,NUSS,etc

How is performing wedding different from other performance you do?

There are in fact differences in performing for a wedding as compare to other events.A wedding event is more personal and intimate.Songs are specially compiled and then selected by couples from a huge list provided by us.Couples also can send us songs that they really want us to play.

What type of songs or music does you and your band play?

We are really packed with a huge repertoire and we cover anything from jazz to pop and everything in between.We perform songs from the classic oldies from the 50’s all the way to current pop.You can request and hear songs from Elvis Presley,Nat King Cole,Frank Sinatra,Tom Jones,Engelbert Humperdinck,The Beatles,Eagles,Bee Gees,Abba,CCR,Billy Joel,etc.

Besides a huge list for english songs,we also perform fluently in Cantonese,Hokkien,Spanish,Japanese,Korean and Mandarin with a huge song list.We can perform all the evergreen hits from the 1950’s to current hits.

We have done countless of events whereby we sing a straight 3 sets of 45 minutes of great evergreen songs from 1950-1980.English,mandarin,cantonese and hokkien are our forte.We have close to 500 songs just on the evergreen hits alone !

Do you take song request?

We are also very game and will encourage audiences to send us song dedications and requests when we perform.Besides applause,nothing pleases us more than many song requests from the crowd !

What is most request song during wedding?

There are quite some songs that get requested a lot when we perform at weddings.The most requested songs are 月亮代表我的心 and 家後.

Sometimes we also have song requests that are insensitive a break up song ! We also have song request that are unheard by most people or new songs that were barely a few month old. Of course,we QC them and will perform suitable ones only.

Any special or touching moments that you wish to share while performing for a wedding?

Some of the most touching moments will have to be a speech made by both the bride and groom.Both were very emotional as they talked about their ups and down and their appreciation for their parents.

How much does it cost and how long is the gig?

We are also very affordable and our motto is simply states “We don’t believe in charging a sky high fee for a wedding” ! For example,a 2pc band [just the band itself with 2 singers] will cost $600 nett.No GST or any other additional charges.PA sound system is not included.


British club 2013 NY Jadin 10 Mr Tai Chui hwa lin 2 The Quad 2 The Wedding Serenata