Tips when selecting a Wedding Singer or Band in Singapore

Are you looking for a wedding singer or band for your wedding? Kiasubride ask Benny Wong KG, the founder of The Wedding Serenata for some tips when it comes to selecting the right Wedding singer or band for your big day.

Can you share some tips to our wedding couples what they should look out for when shortlisting a wedding singer or band?

Benny Wong reply:

It is very important that couples choose a band base on their requirements.99% of all chinese weddings we’ve done really comes alive when we perform cantonese,hokkien or mandarin songs.Therefore having a band that can sing fluently in chinese songs is a bonus.Since videos paints a thousand words,couples should watch videos / youtube performances to confirm the band’s prowess.

It is also a good idea to have 2 vocalists [one male and one female] for the ultimate combination whereby the band can perform all those duet love songs.In this combination,the advantage is huge because they can also alternate their singing making it more interesting.With just one vocalist [same tone and voice for 2 sets of 45 minutes performance has it’s limitation and may be boring after awhile].Whenever possible,always go with a 2 vocalists band.

Some bands play quietly like a background music style and some will make their pressence felt and put on a show.This is also a deciding factor as to what kind of band,theme,style you want.

Another crucial part to hiring a live band is the sound system [PA system].Most hotels don’t allow the usuage of their system and also most hotels don’t have a proper system that’s meant for a live band setup.Some venues do have a basic system but they are quite band sounding after years of torturous pounding.The saying goes “A band sounds only as good as the PA system use” is true.Can’t scheme and save such thing on your big day.