Top 20 most popular Bridal Studio in Singapore

Which are the most talked about bridal shops in Singapore? To find out we check out the three most popular wedding forums in Singapore. By examining the number of views, comments and discussion threads of each bridal studio in each of the wedding forum, we came out with this list of most talked about Bridal Studio in Singapore. There are over 100 bridal shops in Singapore and topping the list are two most popular bridal studio, Di Gio and My Dream Wedding, they both secured the most comments and views in all three forums.

Limitation on this Study: What we couldn’t do when making this list is considering how long these bridal shops have been in the market. Newer bridal shops such as Calla Bridal by Casey Loh or The Louvre Bridal did not secure the most views and comments as compared to those that have been in the market for the longest time. Naturally, the longer you are in the market, the more views and comments you will have.

Following is the list of the Top 20 most talked about Bridal Studios in the Wedding Forums in Singapore. (List is not ranked based on popularity).

  • Di Gio
  • My Dream Wedding
  • French Bridal
  • The Aisle Bridal Boutique
  • Bliss Bridal Creation
  • Bluebay Wedding
  • Bridal Concept
  • Julia Wedding
  • La Bella Couture
  • My Bridal Room
  • Feline
  • Seletar Broadway
  • Thomson Wedding
  • Whitelink
  • Z Wedding
  • Rico-A-Mona
  • Amanda Lee
  • Jazz Bridal
  • La Vie


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