Wedding date selection in Singapore

After your man has asked you for marriage, the next thing to do is deciding the date of your wedding. It may seem a simple task by just choosing a date that is easier to recall or one that is appealing to both of you. But, none the less there are certain factors to consider in choosing the date for your most memorable day. Here is a guide that can help you decide when will be your big day:
Will the Date be Auspicious?
In Singapore weddings, the parents would wish that they will be consulted in choosing the right date for the wedding. Specifically, for Chinese weddings in Singapore, a lot of parents would consult to the Chinese almanac in choosing the wedding date that would ensure that the couple will have“lucky” years of marriage. If you strongly believe that this can help, you may want seek the advice of your parents, grandparents or a Fengshui master to assist you in choosing a specific date that will guarantee a long-lasting and loving union.
According to Fengshui masters, the first and fifteenth day of the month in the Chinese calendar are known to be auspicious dates while the 7th month should be avoided and is regarded as an inauspicious.
Can you Choose Holidays and Significant Dates?
Choosing your wedding date on holidays or on dates that are significant might sound great but you should take into consideration that there are many couples who are also planning the same dates you are choosing. It may be difficult for you to book the banquet venue that you prefer, the wedding photographer or the wedding videographer you have chosen.
Take into consideration that if you choose popular dates, there would be a high chance that the guests you want to invite have also been invited by other couples getting married on the same date. To avoid vacant seat on your wedding day, you may want to consider these and choose a date that is available for every guest.
Choose a Weekend or a Weekday
It may seem convenient to choose your wedding date on a weekend but you also need to take into consideration that the price of the banquet venue is higher than on weekdays. The price could differ from $200 to $400 per table. While you may encounter a situation wherein guest will not show up on a weekday, you may want to consider paying extra just to schedule your wedding day on a weekend.
Consider the Weather
This may seem be more applicable to weddings held outdoor than indoors. Having a sunny day with blue skies will brighten the mood of the wedding even held at indoor venues. When planning a wedding in Singapore, you should avoid the rainy months of December, January and between June and September. If you schedule your wedding dates on these months, be sure to be prepared for rain.