Wedding gowns for Petite, Plus Size and other body shape

Everyone has something meant for them and it applies to the wedding gowns, too. Whether you are petite, plus sized, tall or small, different body figures should be fitted with the right wedding gown based on the shape of your body. Before engaging in a hunt for that perfectly-made wedding gown, get to recognize yourself a bit more.


You basically have a small stature and own exquisite assets.

WEAR: A Hem-Line type of gown. If your gown is long, shorten it. Add a bit of height by wearing high heels. An A-Type of gown or an empire dress customized just for you would look stunning. You could also step up and experiment different lengthen-gowns.

DON’T WEAR: A long gown.


You basically have a pear-shaped figure

WEAR: A-line wedding dress if you are busty. For a pear-shaped figure, a strapless dress would be an excellent choice to bring attention to your upper half.

DON’T WEAR: Avoid wedding dresses with layers as it creates a bulky look . Avoid tight-fitting plus size wedding dresses as well as spaghetti straps when possible. Stay away from ball gown skirts to avoid attention to your waistline


You typically have small shoulders, a slim waist and a medium-large bust size. Your hip has the same measure as your chest. This is actually the most idyllic shape. If you’re one of the lucky girls, be thankful that your parents blessed you with such a body.

WEAR: A ball gown or an A-Type of gown whether it is off-shouldered or strapless. For those brides wanting to minimize their curves, choose a gown with a cinched waist or tight bodice.

DON’T WEAR: A two-pieced gown and those with high necklines.


You basically have a wider upper body and full bosom with slender legs and seemingly delicate shoulders.

WEAR: An A-Type of gown with cinched bodice to help create an hourglass body illusion. Also a good way to show off those legs is wearing short dresses.

DON’T WEAR: A column dress.


Your upper body and shoulders are slimmer compared to your lower part. You also have a curvy hip, thighs and butt along with flexible waist and torso.

WEAR: An A-Type of gown or a ball gown with an intricate design on its neckline to draw away the interest in your slender upper body to your hips.

DON’T WEAR: A column dress adhering and emphasizing your body’s lower part.


You have broad shoulders and lopsided figure with small hips and lower body.

WEAR: A ball gown which helps in adding more essence in your lower body part. It also draws attention to your bent bottom-half and torso if you wear a sleeveless gown with small details by the neckline.

DON’T WEAR: A column dress and those with out-sized sleeves and low necklines.


Chances are, you usually have a type of body that doesn’t have different circumferences between your hips, waists and shoulders.

WEAR: A dress with puffy and elaborated sleeves. An A-Type of gown and a ball gown helps in adding curves to your bottom half.

DON’T WEAR: A straight gown and a column dress that doesn’t add curves to a body figure.