Wedding Planner in Singapore

Do You Really Need To Get One?

Planning for your own dream wedding takes a lot of effort and be overwhelming especially for those who don’t have any wedding experiences. If you really don’t have the energy or time in dealing with this huge preparation, hiring a specialized wedding planner may be the best option for you.

While it seems to be a needless expenditure aside from other wedding expenses, having a fine planner is a useful resource of guidance through different planning phases of a wedding. Besides, the hired wedding planner probably had more years in organizing weddings than you, which is far from adept in putting your own dream wedding together.

If this is the best option for you, it is advisable to make a decision at least one year prior to the wedding. Here are a few reasons why having a planner for your wedding may be a brilliant idea.

What are the rates like engaging a Wedding Planner in Singapore?

At one point, hiring the services of a planner involves additional expenses. But as business insiders, they are more efficient in doing negotiations on discounts and other transactions with wedding traders. With a wide-range of business contacts and experiences, they help couples save on other wedding costs. As planners, they generally work on a budget agreement as they assist you on a certain budget as a neutral third party and minimize overspending.

Chances are, a fine wedding planner saves you a lot of headaches when communicating with traders and picking out the precise people to collaborate with. Everyone’s probably heard the horror stories of having nightmarish wedding traders. And because the planners are much more familiar in this industry, they should be screening and evaluating prospective traders more efficiently.

A lot of couples quote that wedding planning is the most nerve-racking experience in their entire relationship. It seems ironic as a wedding should be the happiest day of their lives. Instead of letting the strain of wedding planning ruin your day, it is wiser to hire someone to keep things in harmony and relieve the pressure for both couples. Also, there’s no better way than knowing you can enjoy yourselves completely as a planner handles the day’s affairs albeit something is wrong.

Cost = Time

As effective experts, having a permanent job and all that wedding planning could be hard to handle for a few brides. If you’re planning to take a year in organizing your wedding, it’s estimated that you will be spending a lot of time during the course. Through a planner, you can simplify that course as they help you pick out the best options according to your liking and budget limit.

The excitement with wedding planning means couples getting more carried away even with the little details and loses focus on the picture along with the constant nagging of ideas coming from magazines and the Internet. A skilled planner keeps you on the right track, holds back your giddiness and ensures you’re clued-in to significant things and avoid wasting money and time on insignificant ones.


On the other hand, having planners isn’t for everyone. While some take on the risk of their own planning from scratch, others believe that if they’re the ones to handle everything, the planning becomes more memorable.

With an Internet connection, it’s easier for couples to gather all information or inspiration needed. For crucial and efficient couples, the planning is fairly easy if you don’t spend much time distressing over little details. If you belong in a strong family and friend network that are willing to help with the wedding expenses and organize it, the process can actually be a perfect time to bond with them.

Looking Out for a Good Planner

Given that you’ve already sought the assistance of an expert wedding planner, these are the things to be looked out for:

1. Being responsive – Your planner should readily be available and quick to respond to your emails and calls. One thing you wouldn’t want is someone who goes missing in action during nerve-racking moments during the planning.

2. Being organized – Your planner should come as dependable and organized by making you stress-free and at ease since you’ll trust an important event of your entire life to that person.

3. Being stylish – It is very important that both you and the planner lie on a seemingly same page when it comes to styles and tastes. To make sense of the planner’s style, check out previous wedding plans he/she had organized. If it comes out as tacky and unappealing, think again and look for other alternatives.

4. Being meticulous – You probably want a planner keeping track of every key date and other details on behalf of you. Also, the planner should be watchful to your budget limit and won’t go to you for extra expenses. Importantly, ensure that both of you settled on a contract clearly.