An Honest Review on Top Bridal Shops in Singapore

What you about to read may not be pleasing but it is the honest truth when it comes to some of these top bridal shops list in Singapore.

To begin everyone use Google these days to search for the information online. If you are a planning to get married and is looking for a bridal shop, you would probably do the same.

Since getting married is once in a lifetime, you will probably want the best. Singaporean are obsessed of being number one so when it comes to wedding they want the “top”, the “best” and the “recommended”.


You enter the keywords “top bridal shop in Singapore” on Google and you found out a few wedding portal that feature the so call 10 to 20 bridal shops in Singapore.


You visit them and shortlist some of these bridal shops. You then search more information on the shortlisted bridal shops. You then decide to visit some of these shortlist “top bridal shops” and eventually signed up with one of them.

If you have taken the above path when it comes to bridal shop selection, we may have fallen to the manipulative internet search engine plot.

The sad truth is not everything that you read or about to read online based on these “keywords” such “top bridal shops” or “Recommended bridal shops” is 100% true or at least they like you to believe that these are the top bridal shops so that you can sign up with.

We are not saying that that every bridal shop listed on these listing is untrue but if go thru the list in detail and you will by surprise to find some of these bridal shops listed are fairly new. They are only established a few months ago and have little information online and discussion on them and they already made it in this top list. How did they get into the top 10 recommended bridal shops in in the first place? Why are they better than the other 50 bridal shops in Singapore?

How did some of these bridal shops make it in the top list?

One possible answer to that question is these are paid advertising that are “deceptive” wrap around some really popular bridal shops so that the entire list look extremely convincing. To misguide reader, advertiser blur the lines between editorial and paid advertising.

So next time you spot a top 10 or recommended list like top bridal shops in Singapore, top wedding singers, top wedding venues etc. …  Take a pause and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did this wedding website come out with this top 10 list?
  • Based on what sort of popularity?
  • Based on whose recommendations?
  • Who decide who rank 1st and who rank last?
  • Is that a paid advertising or real editorial selection?