Bed setting procedure for wedding

Prior to the wedding day, families will be very busy with the bed setting. The bed setting is important and it is part of the tradition that has been observed for many years. The bed is usually prepared the night before the wedding day or it can be according to feng shui beliefs.

The bed where the new couple will sleep should be set properly because the proper bed setting symbolizes fortune or abundance, an idyllic marriage, and many offspring. It can also mean good health for the couple.

In the traditional bed setting, new sheets are used and some items are spread on the bed. These items include two red packets, two oranges, 1 tray, rock sugar or something sweet, money bucket filled with gold coins, six seeds of different kinds, pomegranate leaves, ruler, Yuan Zi, Dai Lu Ji, and Huat Kuay. The bed should also have bedside tables on both sides, with double happiness lamps. Cuttings or tickers of double happiness decorate the house of the bride, including the cupboards and mirrors.

Once the room is set, no one can enter except the couple once they are married. The Yuan Zi, red packet, and sun buckets must be placed in front of the bed. These things should be followed to give the couple a great marriage.