Burkill Hall @ Botanic Garden – Actual Wedding Cost

Burkill Hall is a popular choice for anyone who is considering an outdoor wedding with a “gardeny” feel in Singapore. For those who have not seen Burkill hall, it is actually an old colonial building that is situated at Botanic Garden. Unlike a hotel banquet, determining the actual cost of holding your wedding at such unique wedding location is not as straight forward. Part of the reason is because Burkill Hall is owned by NPark so basically they only rent the premise to you. You have to do your own planning like sorting out all the catering service, sound system and logistic all by yourself. This apply to Hort Park as well, another popular outdoor venue owned by NPark.

Capacity: Around 250 pax inside

Cost Breakdown

Rental Fee per hour: $525. Minimum hours is 4 hours. For you rent for 6 hours, it shall cost you $3,150

Catering : You should budget > $20 per pax depending on the menu you choose. You can consider Rasel catering which is one of their approved catering service

Sound System: Price vary depending on what you need.

Logistic: Marquee, Chairs, Chair covers and Tables. If you need special chairs like Tiffany chairs, it shall cost more.

Florist: You need to engage a florist to decorate the place unless you are planning to do it yourself.

Optional: Live Music which always a good to have.

Miscellaneous cost: Invitation Cards, Wedding Props, Wedding favors, Car parking etc. Bear in mind these stuff are normally included free for hotel wedding banquet packages.

What other Perks you stand to lose (compared to a hotel wedding banquet)

  1. No free food tasting
  2. No Honeymoon suite in the hotel
  3. Lesser Ang Bao (for those who do not know market rates, they may just pack $100)

How much does it is actually cost?
Depending on whether you are holding your wedding or solemnization in the day or night, the average cost per pax shall range between $100 to $200 per pax. Day is much cheaper as you do not to rent the place for such long hours as guest tend to be more punctual. However most couples avoid doing it in the day,  reason being it is much warmer as the entire place has no air-con.

If you are still considering an outdoor wedding, you may want to reconsider your options now as it is a lot of hard work and after all not that cheap. A Fullerton Dinner banquet over the weekend cost $1318+++ (including all the perks) now think how much it is going to cost you per pax for an outdoor wedding.


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How much Ang Bao will you pack if you are attending an outdoor wedding?

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