Chinese betrothal ceremony

In marriage, there is the binding of two families. Betrothal pertains to the cash and gifts from the groom delivered to the home of the bride. When the family accepts the cash or gifts, it is also important that they return a portion of it. This is important to avoid giving any impression that the bride was sold to the groom.

Betrothal is an important tradition because it shows a man’s financial dependability and that the bride is in good hands. The gifts are usually given two to three weeks before the wedding day.

The betrothal gifts can consist of brandy, cakes, fruits, rice or peanut candies, two pairs of phoenix and dragon candles, and the jewelry. The jewelry should come from the parents of the groom and is intended for the bride. There are times when cash or bride’s price is delivered on the same day as the gifts, but some families give the cash on the wedding day. The cash is usually placed inside a red packet or small red cloth. The bride’s family will decide how much of the cash is to be returned.

There are still a great number of families that practice betrothal to this day.