Chinese wedding banquet seating arrangement

It is a big challenge for wedding organizers in Singapore to plan the seating arrangement of guests during the wedding banquet. Planners would want the guests to enjoy the wedding banquet by putting the guests together with the people they knew and can have a conversation with.
In order to help wedding organizers achieve this task, the planners could apply these tricks to make the wedding banquet enjoyable to both the guests and the planner.
Here are four tricks a wedding planner must do to ease him/her on assigning the seats to the guests during the wedding banquet:

1. Gather guests with similar backgrounds
Some of you may have experienced attending in a wedding wherein you were seated to a table together with people you don’t actually know. To guarantee that the guests will not undergo the same horrible situation again, the wedding planner should ensure that the guests are seated with people they know. In an instance that the guest does not know anyone other than the couple, the planner should gather the guests in a table together with people who have similar background.

2. Assign special seats for VIPs and family members
Some tables in the venue may have a better view than others tables. The tables that are closer to the stage present a better view of the program. The planner should reserve these seats to guests who are important like relatives, family members or special guests like politicians and businessmen.

3. Consider the guests Dietary preference
Since Singapore is a place for people with different ethnic background. Some guests will have certain dietary restrictions. The planner must assign seats to guests with similar dietary preference. Like for example, gather Muslims in one table so that they can be catered with a Halal meal.

4. Consider people with disability and babies
If there is a guest that is disabled and is one a wheelchair, remember to inform the venue staff ahead of time so they can reserve a space intended for the guest with disability. Remember also to inform the wedding venue staff to prepare a number of baby chairs for guests who will be bringing their babies with them.
With the help of these tricks the seated guest can enjoy the wedding banquet.