Chinese Wedding Custom and Traditions

Chinese couples should be aware of the wedding customs that are still being practiced even in today’s modern times. Families of the bride and groom will have expectations, and it is important that the couple observes the tradition.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Even if the custom seems nonsense, it is expected that couples perform the rituals. In traditional customs, a couple must meet the matchmaker to match their birth dates. Based on these dates, the wedding day will be set.

Then, there are betrothal and engagement essentials. The groom will need to send gifts and cash/bride’s price. These gifts will be delivered to the bride’s family. The latter is expected to return s portion of the gifts or cash. The bride will keep the dowry, and after the wedding, she can take the dowry to the couple’s new home.

The bed will also need to set up prior to the wedding day, and a hair combing ceremony must be observed. This also symbolizes the couple’s coming of age. During the wedding day, the groom will fetch the bride but he needs to prepare lots of ang pows. He might need it to bribe the bridesmaids so he can get to his bride easily.