Chinese Wedding Tradition Dowry

Included in the betrothal gifts is the dowry jewellery, which the bride must wear on the wedding day and banquet. This must come from the parents of the groom. In some customs, the dowry jewellery is already part of the betrothal gifts but to be sure, the bride’s family can request for it.

Betrothal gifts are very important because it is a guarantee that the bride will live a happy and carefree life. Today, this custom is still being observed. For instance, if you are a Cantonese, the groom’s family can give you dragon/phoenix bangles when you have the tea ceremony. Oftentimes, the bride will receive lots of dowry jewellery during the ceremony, so it is important that she wears Qwas (the one with 3/4 sleeves). This is to show off what the bride has received.

A bride can receive earrings, ring, necklace, and bracelet. The dowry jewellery means that the bride will have a comfortable life, and that she will always have a home. The dragon and phoenix are very important symbols because it means ‘life partners’. In most situations, the parents of the groom are expected to give four pieces of dowry jewellery.

If you are a bride, you can request for these pieces of jewellery.