Closure of Sophia Wedding Collection … what is next?

It is official now, Sophia Wedding collection, a leading bridal boutique, has closed and exit the bridal business. If you are a victim of this, you are not a alone. According to Strait Times, there are over 40 couples that are affected by this sudden closure. Nasty remarks are left on their facebook pages with no reply.

What to do if you are a victim of this Sophia Wedding Collection or any bridal shop closure in Singapore? We are no lawyers but we are just expressing our opinion based on our experience on such sudden closure.

  1. You can filed a report with the police. We certainly don’t think this will help unless collectively a lot of people have been “scammed” by them. The public prosecutor will then build a case if they can find enough evidences to prove  that Sophia Wedding has an intend to cheat else Sophia Wedding will just be regarded as business went bust. Police will often advise you to take legal action against them as an option.
  2. You can filed a report with CASE. From what we understand, CASE is trying to respond to complaints on the matter. CASE advise to the victims is to make a report to the Small Claims Tribunal or take personal legal action against the company. If you do not know what Small Claims Tribunal is all about, it is basically a small court where you can settle a claim that that is less than $10,000. Bear in mind for Small Claims Tribunal to work, the party you are filing against must turn up first for meditation or the hearing. If they don’t turn up for meditation or the hearing, there is really nothing much you can do. When this company is suddenly running away, in our opinion there is little interest or motivation for them to turn up.
  3. Sue them. This is your last option which is to sue the company for breach of contract, which is going to be a lengthy and expensive process just to recover a $4000 deposit.

What are your options now and what should you be doing now?

  1. Stop waiting for “Good News” , start looking for another bridal shop for a bridal package. There are many bridal shops that are offering to “help”. Just be extremely careful before jumping into another bridal packages. You don’t want to jump from one scam to another scam.

This is not the first time that is happen, last year, Calla Bridal by Casey (who was formely from DiGio) also exit this business without any prior notice. So far we have yet to read any good news from the WeddingForum.Sg on this matter.

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Our advice to all is to pay minimum deposit as much as possible because there is really very little one can do when these bridal shops decide to just run away. This is the hard fact which may be hard to swallow specially if you are a victim but at KiasuBride we prefer to tell you our honest opinion.