Helpers roles during wedding banquets

Manpower is an ultimate help when organizing a Singapore wedding dinner. This comprises ushers, receptionists, and emcees who are doing their tasks while entertaining your guests during your wedding banquet

A wedding dinner, usually composed of 200 guests needs some people who will be serving them. To make it more effective, you must follow the requirements of choosing manpower.

Overall In Charged – 1 person
Holding the event program page, either the best man or a bridesmaid, he/she makes sure that all proceedings are executed properly. As a contact point, he also creates pronouncements for the couple so they can relish the moment evenly.

Guest List Helpers- 2 people
They shall check if the attendance of the guests reaches 90%. If yes, they are asked to go to the main in-charge to signal if it is ready to begin.

Ang Pow IC- 2 people
Chosen from both sides of the couple, they take the necessary task in protecting the box where a pause is inside of the event’s reception. This will keep them safe during dinner.

Ushers – 4 people
They take in-charge of assisting the visitors to find their table allocated to them when they arrived until the dinner period.

Bride’s Helper- 1 person
It is the role usually taken by the bridesmaid to help the bride from the time she gets changed and on-guard the bride if used to go for a short trip. As a bride’s contact point, she must always bring on her phone.

Emcee-2 people
It is normal in Singapore to have one speaking in English and the latter speaking the Chinese

Photo Assistant- 1 person
The role is to take pictures whenever couple takes rounds for a group shot. He must come ahead with the couple making the activity go smoothly.

Runner – 1 person
The role is to make a short trip for a particular purpose for the helpers on the big day. During dinner, he helps to dispense ang pows to the helpers.

Depending on the size of your wedding, you can increase the number in each slot. In this way, the event will be managed thoroughly. Once your manpower is set, let them do their roles, and you can enjoy the party.