Hidden costs and Extra charges for Bridal Packages

You thought you signed up for a perfect bridal package that covers everything you need but suddenly you are slapped with the following reply from the bridal shop:

“Sorry that is not included, you have to pay extra for that …”

Well it is a little too late, you already signed on the dotted line. Just when you thought you got the best deal in town after squeezing the sales person dry,  you suddenly realise that there are so many hidden cost and extra charges that are not included in your bridal package. Following are some common hidden cost and extra charges that couples often overlook. Make sure you check and ask every possible questions before signing:

  • UnderShirt for Guys
  • Shoes for Men
  • Kua Shoes for Ladies
  • Heels of Ladies
  • Transport during wedding photoshoot
  • Ampoule
  • Mascara / False Eye Lashes
  • Dry Cleaning of Gowns
  • Pre-Wedding (does it include Night Shoot)
  • Wedding Car on Actual Day
  • Actual Day Hand Bouquet
  • Limited number of Wedding Photography locations – Some bridal shops only allowed up to 3 locations
  • Not inclusive of entrance, admission or location fees for payable locations
  • Any Trial makeup
  • Extra charges for MUA if he/she has to come early on actual wedding day
  • Rental of Accessories (Jewellery, Tiara, Sash, Belt, Veil etc.)
  • Bridemaid wrist bracelets / corsages
  • Flower Pins for Men
  • Helper during Pre-Wedding Photoshoot (not all bridal shop include a helper during your pre-wedding photoshoot, it is a good to have for gown change when outdoor)
  • Photography Session is it one to one or one to many (There are bridal shops that has 1 photographer to 3 couples during wedding photography shot, not common in Singapore but more common in wedding packages in Malaysia or overseas)
  • Transport fee during Photoshoot (extra charges for extra hours)
  • Number of Gowns allowed
  • Type of Gowns – Some bridal shops request you to pay extra for Designer gowns
  • Upgrade to better Wedding Album

Some bridal shops does not include the above as part of their standard packages. It is impossible for all the above to be listed so it is up to you to negotiate with them on what you feel is most important to be included as part of your bridal packages before signing.