How Do You Pick the Perfect Wedding Date?

Some folks believe that it is very important to choose an auspicious date as it helps in having a successful marriage. Couples of different beliefs can end any battle and compromised to meet on the middle ground. This can be done through the use of Chinese calendar without however employing astrology stuff or feng shui. A Chinese calendar have four major parts: the top which shows the Gregorian month, the body which is the Gregorian date, the middle which shows the day of the week and the bottom which is the astrology information.

There are two different ways on how you can choose the auspicious date. The first method is picking a specific Gregorian date and check if that is auspicious. The second method is finding all the dates that are auspicious and decide on the date. The sub sections list the dates with favorable activities and those that should be avoided. The dates have Chinese words listed below it that are related to the wedding event. The list includes install bridal bed, betrothal and wedding day. You can also choose the most auspicious timing for the special events like entering the home of the groom or picking up the bride.