How to avoid losing money for wedding banquet in Singapore

Wedding banquet is getting more and more expensive in Singapore each year. To break-even, profit or loss, they are two major factors to consider. (1) How much your guest will pack for Ang Pow? (2) How much does your Wedding Banquet per pax cost? Your objective to make sure your guest pack more and your cost is low. What are things that cost? Wedding Banquet, Liquor, Additional stuff etc. Following are some tips you may wish to adopt to make sure you break-even or even make money out of it of your wedding banquet.

  • Do it on weekday as the banquet prices are generally much cheaper. Take note that Friday is consider weekend and not weekday.
  • If you are planning to your solemnization on the actual day, make sure you find a wedding venue that can provide you free or at discounted rates. Make sure you factor it when you calculating cost per guest and it fit into your budget.
  • Do it in a three or four-stars hotel and a less expensive wedding venue, set a budget and stick to it.
  • Wait for promotion with Credit-card, sometimes they offer free bottle wine per table. Look out for wedding show and bridal fair.
  • Do it on a Sunday as people tend to drink less as Monday is a working day. Alternatively,  do lunch as people don’t drink as much as well
  • Tell the hotel not to serve wine till the banquet start. You save on wine.
  • Replace hard liquor with beer
  • Be thick-skin, hint to your guest how much it cost per table and how expensive it is to hold a wedding now
  • Invite only close friends and colleagues, especially those you meet on a day to day basis. They tend to pack more for Ang Pow.
  • Invite bosses as they tend to be more generous (normally) in their Ang Bao.
  • Avoid inviting friends whom you have not met ages that you do not intend to meet in the future as well. They may pack less Ang Pow as they feel they are just making up the number
  • Avoid inviting partners, they tend to discount their Ang Pow for their partner.
  • Avoid inviting big family
  • Small wedding generally tend to make money as you are selective on the guest and there are less no show. If you don’t have so many guest, look for a smaller ballroom.
  • RSVP all your guests to make sure they turn up; any no show is a loss to you
  • Negotiate with the venue owners – ask for extras such as free bottles of wine. Corkage wavier for all wine and liquor brought in by couple or provided by Hotel
  • Ask hotel to provide ang pow box, guest book, flowers and decorations. These are all costs.

Following are some stuff you can try to ask for free from the hotel:

  1. Free flow of beer or red wine
  2. Additional night stay
  3. More carpark
  4. More wedding cards
  5. Free helper room
  6. Free anniversary stay
  7. Free additional projector