How to choose a Wedding or Engagement Ring?

Giving a memorable gift to the person whom you will be sharing your life with for the next ten years is perhaps the every man’s agendum. The ring given on the wedding proposal should not be cheap. Spending several months of your salary will get you the ring you want. Often times than none, you will allocate it from your wedding budget.

In order to avoid sacrificing one aspect of the proposal ring, it is advisable to buy the diamond and ring separately. Thru buying the components individually, you can set a specific amount for each of the items.

You can get a diamond not only in the nearest local jewelry shop in Singapore but also at online diamond retailers. You can choose a variety of diamonds online that will meet your requirements and specifications and have it delivered to your home. Another advantage of purchasing online is that there is a broader selection of diamonds and has better value for money due to low operating costs. White Flash and Blue Nile are known to be reliable retailers of diamonds.

It is recommendable to have your diamond be set within Singapore so you can return to the shop if the diamond was not set properly.

Here is a quick guide that will help you select the best diamond ring for your bride to be.

When choosing a gift that will become a lady’s best friend, the four “Cs” should be taken into consideration.


It is the overall weight of the diamond. Bigger stones are far more costly because these diamonds are uncommon. However, the value of the diamond will not be solely determined by the size alone but it is also determined by the clarity, cut and colour.


A clarity scale is used to quantify the imperfections of the diamond. The more perfect a diamond is, the more expensive it is. When shopping for diamonds, choose those that belong to scale of Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2) or above.


Another factor that will determine the value of the diamond is the colour. A lot of diamonds are yellow in colour, the stone that is the most coloured yellow has a grade of Z while the highest and whitest grade is D.


If the diamond will not measure up with the color, the cut will help upraise its value. Ideal-cut diamonds have been intended to maximize scintillations and brilliance; they aim to conceal small variance in colour.

If it is possible, choose the diamonds with AGS triple Ideal cut that have Hearts & Arrows cut. These kinds of diamonds will reflect more light back at the head of the rock, which signifies that there is no light leakage in these diamonds. So, instead of seeing the color of the rock, everything you will see is scintillation and white light, making the diamond to look whiter.

The Setting Style

Basically, there are three styles in diamond setting.


One popular proposal ring setting is the Solitaire setting. Prongs are positioned so that the diamond can catch more light. You can choose between the four-prong setting and six-prong setting. Usually for security reason, it is advisable to choose the six-prong setting.

Three-stone Setting

To have a unique engagement ring, you can choose to have three diamonds set in a three-stone setting. The three diamonds signify the past, the present and the future.

Settings that have Sidestones

To add additional color or sparkle, you can choose the setting with extra diamonds or gemstone. A bar-channel setting permits more light to come to the sidestones that produce a scalloped edge of brilliance. Channel setting protects the sidestones from abrasion by holding them flushed.