How to choose a Wedding Ring for Him and for Her

Wedding bands are meant to last a lifetime, it is important to pick out a design you like that goes well with your lifestyle. And to assist you in choosing the perfect wedding bands, the following some pointers:

A.  Decide on the Wedding Ring design?

The most well-known design in making wedding rings is a domed shape. In this design, the ring is eventually a soft-round shape with gentle curves outside the band. More rings with high-domed shapes and embellished round form are also offered. It applies often to ring with narrower widths.

These days, flat rings are gaining popularity, most especially for people who are into contemporary styles. For flat rings, the surface outside is flat and has sharp edges. It appears modern and sleek. Also, it is great for people who want a bit of an edge in their wedding rings.

For ring edges, a milgrain style does the cut and is also fairly known. It is a tiny-bead pattern usually found on the domed rings’ edges. If you prefer modern looks, the bevelled edge style adds a stylish and subtle detail to the ring’s design.

For future brides planning to put on their engagement rings aside from the wedding rings, the wedding ring’s design should match the engagement ring’s design. Most engagement rings have protruding details and allow straight wedding rings to go with it. Consider having curved or fitted wedding rings with gentle curves designed to go perfectly with engagement rings.

B. Decide on the Wedding Ring Width

The ring’s width is important as it determines the ring comfort. While design is also important, choosing the appropriate width depends on the length and size of your ring finger.

Wider wedding rings are for men. Most of them choose a width of 5mm-7mm. For those who have large hands or long fingers, you could opt for    rings that are slightly wider. But, if not used in wearing rings, avoid choosing wide rings. Wider bands tend to cause discomfort and could feel tight on the finger.

For women, usual widths are 3mm-5mm. Consider the engagement ring width if you will be wearing it with the wedding ring. Determine the room availability between your knuckle and finger base to wear both of the rings with ease. It is also typically advised to have wedding rings proportional with the engagement rings as a complement.

C. What kind of metal


It is known as the most admired metal option in making wedding bands or other kinds of jewelry. Looking at it, the initial thing to mull over is the number of carats which is a representation of proportioned pure gold ingredient used in making the last metal. Higher karats mean greater proportion of used gold and more expensive metal. Carat levels range from 9, 18 and 24kt which are known to be the most expensive of all.

Aside from the metal value, one other thing to be considered is the durability and hardness of gold. Most likely, wedding bands are worn daily. A 24kt may be too soft and people might go for lower gold carats that are harder. For practicality, 18kt are usually the best choice as it has more durability than a 24kt and better-looking than a 9kt gold as it ages throughout time.

Gold has a selection of colors available. The most well-known is the yellow gold but there are also other colors like the rose gold and the white gold. The blends of different colors of gold are rather popular nowadays. Such jewelry usually features two to three gold tones. An example of this is the Cartier’s Trinity line of jewelry that uses white, rose and yellow gold.


Platinum is one of the well-known metal alternatives in making wedding bands. Nothing like the frequently rhodium-plated white gold that produces a bright white color, the platinum is colored white naturally.

Since platinum is known to be a very thick and heavy-type of metal, bands made out of it feels heavier than the gold ones. It might cause discomfort when worn daily, most especially for those people not really used in wearing jewelries. Customarily, it is considerably classier than gold. Nevertheless, with the rise of gold prices nowadays, this fact might not be true anymore.

One drawback of the platinum is the softness compared to the gold. Apparently, it might be prone to scratch marks and requires you to send the ring to a jeweler to be polished and restore its high-gloss, original form.


Another option in making wedding bands is the less-known metal, titanium. It has a natural whitish and silver-gray color but it also comes in a huge selection of other colors, too

Titanium’s advantage is its hardness and strength. It is stronger than the gold or the platinum. As one of the hardest and natural metals in this world, it has a resistance to dents and scratches. It goes well with people who have active lifestyles. Also, it is hundred percent hypoallergenic and very light-weighted.

Nevertheless, another factor to mull over is that the titanium is not repairable or re-sizable. Subsequently, the selection of styles is considerably limited than that of the gold and the platinum bands. Also, it is less shiny and might look less striking than gold and platinum, most especially when it comes to women’s jewelry.

D. Any Precious Stones on the Ring?

Adding precious stones and diamonds to wedding rings adds an extra glamour and sparkle. The well-known stone option for wedding rings is the ever divine diamond. And there goes the saying that diamonds are girls’ best friend.

For women, the infinity ring is the rage nowadays. Along with an endless circle of glittering diamonds, the infinity ring will be a symbol of glamour at its best.

Plain metal rings have the possibility to obtain scratch marks and dull looks as time goes by. Adding a glittering diamond makes the ring look cleaner and brighter. The diamond will eventually draw attention and any signs of wearing and tearing will be less obvious.

Nevertheless, rings with valued stones require more care than plain ones as stones might be damaged or fall out. If you are the type of person that is into sports and other physical activities, it might be a bad choice.

I hope that you will have an easy and fun time in choosing those perfect wedding bands with this guide!