Indian Wedding Customs in Singapore

Indian wedding is the perfect time for the families to unite, celebrate, and honour a union. Even before the wedding day, the family of the bride will have the haldi ceremony where the bride is being blessed.

This is followed by the groom’s family visiting the bride where he presents to the bride with different bangles. During the engagement, where the proposal in confirmed, several gifts given symbolize the groom’s ability to provide and care for the bride.

The hands as well as the feet of the bride will then be adorned with henna on intricate designs. The dark stain symbolizes the deepness of the groom’s love for his bride. Some families even observe vratham of fasting as this is believed to shower couple with more blessings.

During the wedding, before the father finally gives the hand of his daughter, he will ask the groom promises of wealth or artha, righteousness or dharma and love or kama. The couple is tied with a blessed thali which is tied on their fingers by the priest. After the ceremony, the bride leaves the hall so she can change into a new sari. While she is changing, saffron rice and rock sugar to the guests. On her return, the thali will be tied on her neck by the groom and the saffron rice will be thrown on them as sign of blessings.