Kua: A Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

Kua is popular traditional chinese wedding dress that is still worn by many in Singapore. This ceremonial Chinese Qun Kua, also known as Kua for short, is making a return among brides of Singapore who wishes to bring in a classic style in their wedding.

Nothing like the Western-styled wedding dresses that follows an unpredictable trend, the Kua by no means goes out of fashion. It is known to be a graceful symbol of the Chinese tradition and culture with a timeless look, bringing out flattery for the future bride.

Customarily worn as a key Chinese wedding gown, the traditional Kua is put on by Singaporean brides in tea ceremonies as the style goes well absolutely to the conventional scene of the said ceremony. A two-piece skirt and jacket combination symbolizes blessings and good fortune for the occasion as its outstanding red color and promising embroidery of phoenixes and dragons represents the bride and groom correspondingly.

Take note of these things if you want to wear the traditional Kua on your wedding:

a. The Fit

A perfect Kua should not be loose or tight but a little tapered put emphasis on the waist. If given a loose-fitting character of your outfit, make sure you are wearing the right undergarments to emphasize your figure. Avoid strapless and stick-on brassieres as they do not give enough support. The Kua’s sleeves should also end three inches up your wrist toexpose your hands partly.

b. The Hair and Other Accessories

Try wearing your hair in an updo style to show your slender neckline. For example, a classic chignon hairstyle goes well in showing a lady-like and demure look. With its complex embroidery and beading, it is already fairly sophisticated and striking by itself. There is really no need in going overboard with the accessories. Understated jewelries like bangles and earrings go well with a Kua. For shoes, champagne, red or cream-coloured heels are a good match or you could also choose traditionally-embroidered shoes in tying the overall look well.

c. The Quality

A traditional Kua is compared to wearing an art masterpiece. Ensure when renting or buying one that the embroidery quality is good. The phoenixes and the dragons should be embroidered by hand and looks realistic. Also, the bead design should look intact. Keep in mind also that the regular Kua requires at least one to two months to be done while the more sophisticated ones could take six months or so to finish.