La Belle Couture Review and Package Price

La Belle Couture has been around for the longest time having to start its business in 2006. Situated at 87 Tanjong Pagar Rd, they also claimed they have the largest indoor wedding studio that spans 3000 square feet that was opened in 2013.

La Belle Couture’s pre-wedding photography packages are priced at around S$2000. Their full packages which includes pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day cost from $4000 to $6000. Why the big range from $4000 to $6000 as most of La Belle Couture customised and tailored to their customers need. Other than that, they also provide rental and ROM packages.

Following is an example of La Belle Couture that is priced at SGD$3888 in 2016 that includes the following:

Pre-wedding Photography

  • Full day photography include studio and outdoor shoot
  • Album 15″x24″ 36 pictures in 24 pages
  • 2 x Table top albums 4 outfits for bride
  • 3 x outfits for groom
  • Additional behind the scenes photography during Pre-wedding photo shoot (30 photos in softcopy)\
  • Selected photos in softcopy

Actual Day Package

  • 2 x Wedding Gowns
  • Tea dress or Kua
  • ROM dress
  • 2 x suits
  • 1 x Bridal bouquet with 6 corsages
  • Sister wrist corsages (rental)
  • Bridal car – Mercedes E class
  • Bridal make up and hairstyling (Day, Night & Trial)

Following is another example of bridal package from La Bella Couture which is priced at $4388 in 2015. As you can see most bridal packages are customize to your requirement. For example, things like pre-wedding montage and casual wedding anniversary photo shoot are normally not part of a standard bridal package.

Pre-wedding photography package includes:

  • 4 x outfits change for bride
  • 3 x outfits change for groom
  • 22 pages photo album with 38 selected edited poses
  • 1 x (20″ by 30″) or (3in1)portrait frame & 1 x (10R) table top frame

Actual Day includes:

  • 2 x OTR wedding/evening gowns for bride
  • 2 x suits/tuxedos for groom
  • 1 x ROM short dress
  • 1 x KUA/cheongsam
  • 2 x father’s jacket

The above bridal package also comes with the following perks where you get to choose one of the 4 items.

  1. $600 credit to offset Actual Day photography at a special price of $ pay only $788(10hrs of shoot,all photos returned in high resolution)
  2. IM Perfection: Styling for your AD album table and reception table(worth $488)
  3. Receive an exclusive Gioielli 2 pic accessories set+instant cash rebate $150 off bridal package
  4. $200 instant cash rebate off bridal package price

On top of the above, you will enjoy 1 hour of causal wedding anniversary photo shoot and maternity portrait shoot (5 selected poses edit and returned in high resolution + 1 10R table top frame and pre-wedding montage to be played at your reception which is done by la belle team

Another actual day package by La Bella Couture in 2015 priced at $4,088 . See how different is it if you compare against the package above.

Wedding Photo Album includes:

  • 30 – 33 poses for 1 x 15R album
  • 22 pages for album
  • $80/- per additional pose
  • $130/- per additional page
  • 1 x 10R table top frame
  • 1 x 20″ X 30″ or 3 in 1 portrait frame
  • Soft copies given for every chosen poses

Pre-Wedding Shoot includes:

  • Able to select all gowns Off-the-Rack (OTR)
  • 1 wedding gown + 1 evening gown + 2 outdoor gowns (total: 4 sets)
  • 3 x  suits for groom
  • 4 sets of hairstyles and makeup
  • 2 to 3 different outdoor locations (depend on weather & timing)
  • $50/- for both eyelash & ampoules
  • Veil / Ribbons / Bow Tie / Tie / Jewelry provided
  • Artificial hand bouquet provided
  • Indoor / Outdoor props provided for pre-wedding shoot; but allowed to bring ourselves

Actual Day includes:

  • 2 x OTR gown / evening gown for bride (Same wedding gown, evening gown as pre-wedding shoot)
  • 1 x KUA / Tea Dress
  • 1 x ROM dress
  • Groom: 2 suits (Same suits as pre-wedding shoot)
  • 2 x father / father-in-law suits
  • 2 sets of hairstyles and makeup
  • Car decoration for bridal and brothers’ cars
  • Fresh flower bouquet
  • Wrist corsages provided for sisters but need to be returned

Following is  2017 Package price which is priced at $4588

Actual Day:
– 2 Gowns + 30 Wishing stars. The usual package only comes with 26stars. These Wishing stars can be used to redeem other perks as follow:
– Kua or Tea dress (3 stars)
– 2 suits (6 stars)
– Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling (Day, Night and Trial) (12 stars)
– 1 Fresh flower bridal bouquet and 6 flower corsages (3 stars)
– Bridal car deco and ribbons for accompanying cars (2 stars)

Pre-wedding Photography
– Full day 9.30am – 7pm photography (Studio and/or Outdoor)
– 4 Gowns
– 3 Suits
– 4 Makeup and hair styling
– Album with 38 poses (also returned in soft copy)
– 1 10R Table top frame
– Framed portrait (20 by 30″) or (3 in 1)

– 1 hour Wedding Anniversary / Pregnancy portrait shoot
– Customized Wedding Album mobile app
– Choose 2 from the following

1. AD wedding photograhy for 10hours at $988 (UP $1388)
2. Receive a Bethrotal/Dowry gift set from Le Knot (worth $230)
3. Receive a pair of Bespoke Bridal Wedding Shoes from Sinderella (worth $260)
4. Redeem premium hand bouquet from Bloem Singapore bespoke florist (worth $200)

Disclaimer : We like to stress again that the package prices above are only for your guideline, we do not guaranteed accuracy as prices are normally negotiable and each packages are different even though they are “standard”.