Solemnizer in Singapore Procedures

Selecting a Solemniser

Licensed Solemnisers in Singapore include Grassroots Leaders, Religious Leaders and Peace Justices. A Solemniser is a significant person on a wedding as he’ll be the one to pronounce “man and wife” to the groom and the bride in the presence of the couple’s families and friends. And if you’re planning to have a Singaporean wedding, trust us when we say that this person is vital for your special day.

Where to find one?

You could find a Solemniser in a list provided by the ROM’s website. It could be a bit overwhelming to pick one blindly from a long list with no knowledge about them; thus, we listed five well-known Singaporean Solemnisers below but it doesn’t mean that others are not good. If you’ve been to weddings where that Solemniser gathered good reviews and done a good job, use that gauge as a personal point of view is the finest way to evaluate.

Dr. Phua Tan Tee
TEL: +65 6753 1028
EMAIL: [email protected]

Mr. Tan Kian Hoon
TEL: +65 6221 8288

Assoc. Prof. Yu Shi Ming
TEL: +65 6467 2092
EMAIL: [email protected]

Mr. Sim Khee Wang
TEL: +65 6563 6081
EMAIL: [email protected]

Mr. Lee Keok Boon Peter
TEL: +65 9791 0598
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Booking the Solemniser

If you’re gullible about promising dates for Solemnization, you could use this website to check out the day you prefer. Then, email or drop a call to your selected Solemnisers and check on their availability.

Most of the Solemnisers works during weekdays and prefers solemnizing only on weekends while some can’t do it on Sundays as it is a family day. Since the common rule is accepting bookings for only three months before a wedding, we still recommend earlier booking for securing a date. Moreover, different Solemnisers approach differently, and this rule might not be applicable to everyone.

Once a Solemniser is booked, and a date is confirmed, fax or email that Solemniser a consent form to be signed and returned to you. Also remember to ask for the names and contact numbers of the Solemniser’s buddies as you’ll likely need to call these people in case the Solemniser don’t show up because of emergency situations.

Before the Solemnization, you’ll file an online marriage notice and a date show up where you’ll be asked to verify documents by going down at the ROM. On the day, you’ll take an oath and collect one original and one photocopied certificate where the couple, the witnesses and the Solemniser signs on the Solemnization day.

The Process of Solemnization

Even if it’s not likely the Solemniser forgets, drop a gentle reminder a week before the wedding. And on that special day, prepare your vows, walk-in music then you’re good to go.

During the actual wedding ceremony, the solemniser needs you in producing a marriage license. He/She’ll verify all the documents, identities and looks for proof that the couple is entering a marriage of free will. Throughout the ceremony, vows and wedding rings are exchanged by the groom and bride. After that, the groom, the bride, the two witnesses and the Solemniser sign the certificates of marriage. As the ceremony ends, the Solemniser pronounces the wedded couple as man and wife while handing over their copy of a marriage certificate. Now, you’re legally married.

Lastly, never forget preparing “Ang Pow” for the Solemniser as your token of gratitude and cover for the transfer costs.