Spiced up your Wedding Reception with Wedding Video Booth

Are you looking ways to to spice up your wedding reception for your guests and to preserve that special memories. You may have heard of Wedding Photo Instant Booth that provide instant prints at Wedding Banquet, these photos are immediately processed, printed into photocards and handed to your guests. One copy for the guestbook, and another for them to keep as a ‘wedding souvenir’. If you are looking for something different that is more visual and engaging, you may wish to consider a Wedding Video Booth. To find out more about Wedding Video Booth, we speak to Danny Lim of Vows Café. Vows Café provide services in Photography, Cinematic and Planning for Engagement, Solemnization, Weddings, Graduation, Family and Events.

Tell us how different is your Wedding Video Booth compared to those Wedding instant Photo Booth?
A traditional photo booth captures an image and provide an instant prints for the guest. There’s not much of guest engagement compare to a video booth.

A video booth is something more, guest will be able to have fun with different props, doing wacky and fun moves in front of the video camera. All the video will be shot at high-speed for us to later convert into slow0motion video clip. These clips will then be used to compiled into a full length video about 3-5 mins long for the guest to have a laugh looking at them. You might be surprise how spontaneous are the guest as they really does cool things in front of the camera to produce a very cool effect once the video is slowed down to normal speed. The main objective of a video booth is to get the guest involvement and create a different and new experience for them, having to laugh off at the end of the event on the stuff they did.

How much does it cost?
We are currently running the video booth at a promotional price of $1088 (Original $1288). That will comprise of a 2 hour video booth setup with props and lighting setup. After which an express video highlight of all the guest that participate in the video booth. The lead time for us to produce the clips will be around 2 hours. Just in time to show the guest after the wedding speech or 2nd march in during a typical wedding dinner banquet.

How are the clips processed for viewing after the wedding?
Once the 2 hour video booth setup is done and guest are invited into the banquet hall, we will then transfer all the video clips into our laptop to be converted into standard video that plays on normal speed. The results of the high speed video will be seen as a slow motion clip once it is converted. Editing will take place on the spot and be delivered within 2 hours.

Does the wedding couples get to keep all the clips?
Yes. A week after the event, couple will received a disc comprising of the full compilation of the video clip, all the individual video clips and also photo image of all participants that participate in the booth. This is something we provide as a complimentary service, taking a picture for the participant after they are done with the video taking.

Can you show us some samples?
You may view a video on how to participate in a video booth as well as an actual day video below:

[vimeo id=”100963256″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

[vimeo id=”100963255″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Where and How long does it takes to set up on the actual day?
We will arrive at the location 30-45 mins before the agreed time to setup the video booth. Setup of the booth will typically takes 30 mins. Once it is done, guest can start coming in to participate in the video booth for the next 2 hours.

Is there live streaming?
Currently there will not be live streaming of the clip as it needs conversion before it can be displayed. Therefore, guest can only sees the clip and the effects 2 hours after the closing of the booth.

For more information, please write to Vows Café at [email protected]