The Louvre Bridal Review and Package Price

With kpop and kdrama gaining popularity among Singapore so is having pre-wedding photo taken in Korea. The Lourve Bridal is a popular choice if you are looking for a Korean theme wedding as they one of the few bridal studio in Singapore that offers Korean bridal gowns and grooms’ suits. A rather new-kid in the bridal scene in Singapore here but is gaining popularity among couples here in Singapore as we see more couples moving to more exotic places like Korea for pre-wedding shoot. Besides just providing oversea pre-wedding in Korea, The Lourve Bridal also provide comprehensive actual day package and local photo-shoot as well and other pre-wedding photography in other destinations as well. The Louvre Bridal offers flexibility, and they can tailor your package based on only what you might need.

For pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea, if you are looking at just basic Indoor pre-Wedding shoot in Korea without actual day package the estimated cost of the package is around $3 to $3.5K. This will include wedding gowns, tuxedos, make-up, hair do, photoshoot props and wedding album. Of course there are other fanciful studios such as the cottage style which will cost you more at around $4k.

Following summarize the prices for their different types of bridal packages :

  • Pre-wedding & Actual Day Bridal starting from S$3,288
  • Local Pre-wedding Bridal starting from S$2,688
  • Local Actual Day Bridal starting from S$1,988
  • ROM Bridal starting from S$1,288
  • Actual Day Photography starting from S$800

Following is an example of a pre-wedding photoshoot package in 2015 that is priced at $2,800

  • 5 hours coverage photo-shoot
  • 2 gowns consisting of:
    • 1 classic white gown
    • 1 classic evening gown
    • 1 tuxedo
  • 1 makeup and hairdo
  • 12″ x 15″ album (20 pages, 20 images) with selected images returned in soft copy

For those who are interested in their Korean pre-wedding photo-shoot with actual day bridal package, it will cost you around SGD$7 to 8K. Following is an example of how the package will look like. On top of that you can negotiate for more perks as each packages are different and personalized at catered to your needs. To entice you to sign up their packages, The Lourve Bridal will tempt you with a few of their today “Freebies” and “discount” so don’t be afraid and embarrassed to negotiate hard.

Korea Indoor Bridal (1 Day Indoor Pre-Wedding Photography)

  • 2 hours makeup and hairdo
  • 4 hours indoor studio shoot
  • 2 white wedding dresses
  • 1 evening / coloured dress
  • 1 Tuxedo
  • Accessories included
  • Translator for shooting day
  • Standard album (30 pages, 30 images)
  • Original images in softcopies (around 10-13MB; dimension: 5616 x 3744)

Actual Day Bridal

  • x2 white gowns
  • x1 evening gown
  • x3 tuxedos
  • x2 makeup and hairdo
  • x1 fresh flower hand bouquet
  • x1 bridal car decoration
  • x5 corsages

Full Actual Day Photography

  • Digital Photography
  • 10 hours coverage
  • Designed DVD ROM with selected images