Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venues in Singapore

The most crucial element in preparing for a wedding is the venue or the location of the wedding. You can’t just choose any wedding venue without thinking about it carefully. Choosing the perfect venue is crucial when planning a perfect wedding. Listed below are the things you should consider before choosing a venue for your wedding.


Determine if you can afford the wedding venue

When planning the venue of the wedding, the most important thing to consider is the price. Unless money is not a problem for you, you can choose a venue to your liking regardless of how expensive it is. But let’s face it, most couples will have a wedding budget and venue isn’t the only thing to consider when planning the wedding.

There are dozens of things included in the wedding budget such as the wedding gowns, the suits, the dresses of the entourage, flowers, food and so much more. So, when choosing the wedding venue, determine first if you can afford it and how much of your wedding budget will go to the wedding venue. If the venue is very important, you have to set aside more money for the venue. But if other things are more important than the venue, then by all means, choose a venue that is affordable but at the same time will be able to meet your needs.

Determine the wedding theme

Another important thing to consider when choosing the venue is the theme. If you must choose an outdoor wedding such as a garden wedding, then choose venues that fit your needs. If you prefer a ballroom wedding, then do so. There are several hotels and restaurants that can serve as the venue of your wedding. The important thing is to choose a theme first and then choose the venue that should be able to accommodate your wedding theme.

Check the venue’s food catering services

Some couples like to choose venues that also cater food. You can just rent a venue and have another company cater the food. If you want to hit two birds with one stone or you can opt for a venue that will also provide food catering. If you opt for the latter, then make sure that the food that is going to be served is going to be great. What’s the use of having a fancy venue if the food is going to taste bad? Do try to taste their food before you commit to the venue. The quality of the food is as equally as important as the venue itself.

Familiarity and distance of the venue

Another important thing to consider is the location of the venue. The venue should be familiar to your guests and it should also be accessible to your guests. If you have a wonderful venue but most of your guests will have a hard time going to the place, then you must reconsider finding another venue. The venue is meant not just for the couple but for the guests as well. Make sure that you satisfy your guests’ needs because they will be traveling on their own expense just to come and see you.

Go for your dream venue

Since a wedding happens only once in a lifetime, it’s important that you really go for the venue of your dreams. I’m sure your guests would understand if your venue is far. Just try to inform them a few months ahead of time so they will know what to expect. After all, it’s your wedding, and if the venue is really that important to you, then I’m sure your friends won’t mind