Tips on cancellation charges for Wedding banquet in Singapore

Every couple is always kiausu when it comes to booking their wedding banquet to secure the dates they are looking at. Some couples even booked 2 years ahead just to make they secure  the venue they want and the date they are looking at. What happen when they decide to terminate or cancel or change your wedding venue due to unforeseen circumstance? Prepare to either lose their deposit, it can be half the wedding banquet cost or sometimes even the full wedding banquet cost.

Following are some tips that you should looking out for on such cancellation charges:

  1. If your date is far away,  ask the hotel if you can help to reserve those dates first without an deposit, incase someone wants it then ask you to go down to pay deposit immediately. Some hotel allows that but not all.
  2. Did you sign a wedding banquet contract? If you are signing, make sure you read all the fine prints before signing.
  3. Is the wedding banquet transferable, bear in mind not all wedding banquets are transferable?
  4. Can the wedding dates be postpone? Are there any charges? Some hotels treat postponements as full cancellation.
  5. Most hotels gives you a cancellation period with regards to how much you need to compensate them. For example X number of months, Y% of the total wedding banquet cost. Of course the closer it gets to the date, the larger amount you need to pay. It is always good to sign up with hotel with more cancellation time periods.
  6. When it comes to cancellation charges, what are you paying? Do you need to pay for additional stuff like extra screen, signage, extra microphone, music band setup etc.