Tips on choosing your Wedding Shoes

Singapore brides, you might think that wedding shoes is not the first thing you must put in mind in terms of planning about your wedding wardrobe, since it is well-hidden under your wedding gown. However, you must not forget that comfortability is very important during your very special event. Choosing inappropriate shoes will lead you to an embarrassing situation and self-blaming.

If you don’t want to have a heart-breaking experience during your Big Day, you must pay attention about the shoes that you are going to wear. So, consider the following tips.

1. Location
It is very important that when you are choosing your shoes, you are going to consider the location of your wedding event. For example, if you are planning for a casual beach wedding, you should wear without four-inch stilettos because it will sink into the sand every time you step. Are you also planning to have an extravagant ballroom wedding, and you want to cover the entire place interacting with guests and having photos? So, shoes that are easy to walk must be chosen.

2. Comfortability
Your feet are probably in your shoes during the entire wedding day. If you don’t want to have numbness and swelling skin of your feet, comfortability is the utmost priority when choosing the wedding shoes. Because, however good-looking your shoes are, they’re useless if it can cause you conscious and can’t almost walk during your special day.

3. Reusability
You probably think that wedding is the only chance for you to celebrate like there are no coming days. But, for those brides that have proper mindset will still not prefer to spend extravagant shoes, which is only used for one event. Rather than pure whitened footwear, apply for footwear in colors like silver. This footwear can continue to fit with the gown, and could be easier used again for future events like dinners. If whitened wedding shoes must be worn, consider choosing the designs that may be dyed to some more flexible color after the wedding. Whatever color you select, make certain that your shoes will suit your outfit by getting along a piece of fabric from your outfit when having a shoe-shopping.

4. Back-up shoes
You should not be over complacent that you’re really prepared in the most special day of your life. During your preparation, also look in advance that your day will be embarrassed if your shoes can’t sustain. It is better that you  have back-up shoes with the same height of the heel during your Big Day.