Tips on how to Choose Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to be gorgeous on their wedding. Aside from taking on fundamental beauty routines, having a brilliant make-up expert in your wedding brings out a whole new intensity of gorgeousness in you. Heavy make-up also has to be put on when doing flash photos as its lighting likely makes your face seem flat. Thus, make-up should be done with a bolder stroke to highlight your features.

However, make-up experts are not just those kinds of people who apply cosmetics to your face. Most of Singapore’s make-up experts double up as hair experts. Hence, when choosing for an expert, consider their skills in hair styling, too.

Now, how do you choose a Singaporean make-up expert? Wedding Tweets lets you know the tricks:

Set Up Your Budget

Settle on how much money to be spent on make-up. The rates of Singaporean make-up experts start at $80-$1,000 with more renowned expert’s prices going more than a thousand. Set a budget you are comfy with and make use of it as the first choice standard.

Assess the Skills

One way of judging make-up experts is through a trial version. Some of them charge trials for their packages. Others compel extra fees starting at $50 up to $100. Anyway, trial sessions are essential. It lets you determine those necessary skills that make-up expert has in bringing out the beauty within you through hair-styling and brush strokes. That way, you’ll be self-assured that she’ll make you a dazzling bride, one you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

For the trial session, browse through different magazines and choose a style, one you’ll want to wear on your wedding. Show the chosen style to the expert and ask for any advice, recommendations and if that look you chose suits you well. Let her create that look and assess her based on how well she managed to put together your look and how close it matches the original style.

Products That Suits Your Skin

Trial sessions have the benefit of determining if any of the products you expert makes use of suits your type of skin. If a product caused irritation on the skin, you have two alternatives. One, you could request to use your own products (if you have) instead of what the expert normally uses. If it doesn’t work for the expert, you may want to look for another one.

Keep in mind that it is important to schedule trial sessions at least three months ahead so your skin can have enough time in healing from such reactions.

Hair Style

Choosing a hair style requires leafing through wedding journals and settling for a style you want for your wedding. Get advice from the experts if that style you’ve chosen can be done with the length of your hair or if it goes well with the gown you’ll wear. Ask her to suggest and try for another style you can carry better.

Booking the Expert

If you come across a less satisfactory performance from the first expert, you may consider getting another one. Schedule trial sessions with new experts until one meets your requirements. And when you finally do find one, make sure to secure a booking request by advancing a safe deposit amount.

Summing Up

Although some are still out there who are blessed with good looks, a fine make-up expert can make you appear more stunning. Thus, choosing an expert with the precise skills in defining your gorgeousness is very essential most especially for events like this that only comes once in a lifetime. With these, we definitely hope that you will find the perfect expert for your Singaporean wedding.