Too Kiasu to start planning for your wedding in 2015?

Is it too early to start planning your wedding that is only going to take place in 2015? Most couples in Singapore start planning their wedding way ahead before the actual day,  normally one or even two years ahead. I shall not be surprised if there are couplese planning their wedding for 2016 already.

Following are 10  reasons why Singaporean plan their wedding so early:

  1. You are aiming for a hot date like 8/8 or the date is is an auspicious date indicated by your Feng Shui master or it is an auspicious year to get married like Dragon, Horse etc. ( Year of the Tiger is not very popular for wedding) or it is simply weekend date at the end of the year ( there are normally more wedding at the end of year compared to other times of the year).
  2. You want to start losing weight to look pretty on your wedding date, one year is a good time to start working out to loss their flabby arm or thigh
  3. You were  stopped by by those salesman stationed at wedding booth in Junction 8 or Suntec City and was “force-sell” into signing a wedding packages
  4. You want to start leaving your hair long, long hard allow your MUA to give you more styling for your hair-do for your pre-wedding shoot and actual day.
  5. You want to start saving money as getting married in Singapore is not cheap
  6. You want to start applying for your BTO flat as it may take 2 to 3 years to be ready
  7. You want to book your wedding banquet early as you were told that those normally get booked early especially on hot dates
  8. You want to book your favourite solemnizer incase he kanna booked by other people
  9. You want to book all your close friends and relatives to make sure they are available
  10. You are just kiasu in nature!

Whatever reason that cause you to plan your wedding way ahead, it is always good to plan early.

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