Top 10 Cheapest Wedding Buffet Catering packages (under SGD$9.00 per pax)

If you looking for cheap wedding catering packages that is under SGD$9.00 per pax in Singapore before GST. Following is a list of caterers that you may wish to consider. The prices quoted below does not include delivery fees which can range between SGD$30 to SGD50. Some of the caterers also charged extra for set up, table, chairs etc. Some caterers also have a minimum order for weekends.

For example, following what are normally Complimentary:

  • Table cloth
  • Table for buffet food only
  • Catering food warmers
  • Catering disposable wares
  • Skirting
  • Linen

Following are normally chargeable not included in the per pax prices. Price quoted below is from a popular caterers in Singapore. Prices may vary for other caterers, some may even include it as free.

  • Skirting – S$20.00 per piece
  • Table cloth – S$5.00 per piece
  • Round table cloth – S$20.00 per piece
  • Service Staff – S$90.00 per server (max.3 hours)
  • Square table (3ft by 3ft) – S$11.00 with no skirting
  • Round table – S$15.00 with no table cloth (S$16.05 incl GST)
  • Chairs – S$2.00 per piece (S$2.14 incl GST)
  • Stools – S$1.00 per piece (S$1.07 incl GST)


  • Normal- S$50.00 (S$53.50 incl GST)
  • CBD – S$60.00 (S$64.20 incl GST)
  • Exception: Waived for orders with S$600.00

For an apple to apple comparison, all the prices quoted below are for 8 courses catering packages, do take note that drink is also considered a course. If you are really on budget, there are 7 courses packages which are much cheaper. For details on the menu of each of the packages, please kindly consider contacting the caterer directly.

Caterer NameMin PaxPrice (before GST)Description
The Savory Kitchen60$7.80SAVER Buffet: 7 Courses + Drink - $7.80 (w/GST $8.35) Per Pax, Min 60 Pax
Kate's Catering Services40$8.00Jade Buffet Reception
Elseie Kitchen60$8.90Value Package - $8.90 / Pax ($9.52 w GST) - 8 courses | min 60 Pax
KCK Food50$8.90ALL TIME FAVOURITES MENU: CHEF WOK (50PAX) Chef Wok (50pax): S$8.90 per pax for 8 Courses (Min:50 pax)
D'Fine30$9.008 Course Menu - $9.00 Per Person - Minimum 30 Pax
Seng Kang35$9.00Economy Buffet - $9/pax for 8 courses (min 35 pax)
Lexin50$9.00Local Delights Buffet $9.00 /pax for 8 Courses - 7 dishes + 1 beverage ( Min. 50 pax )
Select Catering45$9.00SUPER VALUE BUFFET CATERING: 7+1 COURSES @ $9.00+ ($9.63 with GST) Per Pax (Min. 45 Pax)
Ronnie Kitchen40$9.80$9.80 ($10.49 w/GST) Per Pax for any 8 Courses (40 pax and above)